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Hii people look who’s here hhaha well long time right…umm maybe maybe not..
Look guys am too much disappointed by what am seeing……
Like seriously on evry single post am reading am only getting one thing where are our twinj where are they…like wa this sooo easy to kill them…guys is this only what you people want why don’t you guys comment yaar ek hi toh shabd dena hai appreciation ka achaa lage toh pyaar do naa lage toh naa do but just 1 minute to comment but no you all won’t ……..guys why do we writers write for whom for you people if am not wrong and you all wpuld do like this them I must inform you that yess this family will diasappear in no time… plan to come back in april will be whole flop why?? Just because evryone from here would have gone no body would be there right to welcome me back uuhuunnnn uunnhnnnn…….you know guys this toh I was just kidding that no one would be there to “welcome me”
But the fact about me crying roght now is surely the truth……yaar when you all can devote your time in reading these stories which entertain you all sooooooo much…… don’t lie to me that you all don’t get entertained hunnhh….you all read it and sometimes get happy sometimes sad sometimes you get that big wala sabka natural smiles on your faces or sometimes you all get those silly tears but which are beautiful too when they flow with the emotions……..♥
When you all people are soooo much able to go with the flow of these stories when you all are expressing those emotions then that shows for sure how much you are loving them right ♥
And if still you all wont comment a word when all people here able to make you fall in love with their writings when you all eagerly wait for it still you wont comment a single word then what’s the us of these stories yrrr……we all are also humans right we too have emotions we all are writing here devoting our time just to give you all happiness to see a smile on your faces still you don’t know how to return backj that smile………
Look guys I don’t mean to hurt anyone here……but the fact is we all don’t want to hurt you but you all hurt us alottttt……….. 🙁
That’s a real saddening dejecting or say desolating all means the same you see it’s really that kinda fact depressing fact for the writers when they all write and doesn’t get a single word of appreciation from their readers a WORD which will make them smile which will get a smile on their faces maybe they will also fall in love with your comments as you do for their stories maybe they also sometimes cry reading heart warming comments……♥
Maybe you guys could bring a smile on someone’s face with a single word of love and appreciation maybe you could…….♥
And I hope you people have heard that getting a smile on someones face is the most difficult job ever and whosoever does that lives ever happily hy not start now……..
Start making people happy with our craziness our love our one word of ap[preciation ♥
Babaji khete hain ki jo dusro ko khush karta hai usko safalta zaroor milti hai or voh humesha khush rehta hai par jo dusro ke dukh mein hasta hai usko kabhi safalta prapt nahi hoti nahi jo kabhi dusro ko khush karta hai voh jyada khush rhe skta hai ……..
Well guys what I meant to say is aren’t you guys really being SELFISH with these writers who are doing hardwork for you managing their work and wriitng stories for you ♥
Please guys boost up and comment a word only please………
Look I didn’t wanted to hurt anyone and if someone is hurt can tell me but guys just don’t be selfish that would be worse maybe……… 🙁
Am done with my lambaaaaaaaaaa sa essay jisne aapko bhott bore kiya I know that soo……….here’s a short story I presnt you ♥
Love you all ♥
Girls I miss you ♥
Am sorry again if I hurted anyone but it’s the truth it’s the reality and let’s face it and bring a change for good ♥
Let’s go ♥ with a big smile ohk…. 🙂
Areeeee I know no one smiled ab tang mat karo please ek smile kardo pleaseeeee say cheeseeee 🙂 good babies ♥

I had been sleeping in my bedroom that afternoon in a deep slumber sleep with peace and calmness trying to embrace me when I had a dream…….i wa with Kunj our lips attached toghether noses rubbing with eachother eyes looking at eachother not detaching oneself from the other for even a second making love with our mouth……when I was woken up by the knock on the door..and was disappointed to find it all was a dream…..hayee babaji I wish it could be a dream come true my kunj beside me but I know it isn’t possible at all…….no one has knocked on my door till now…… has been a week since I shifted from dehradun to manali.only her dadda knew she was here in manali nobody else…..she has left dehradun and came here to find a better college and job….she knew she wanted to go back to dehradun cause she missed her college and her kunj but she also knew she could not go back…..her main reason to be there was kunj but she remembered how they parted how their herats broke into millions of pieces… painful it was….

It was the night before their graduation ceremony……all were partying….it was the night which all the lovers waited to share with their loved ones…..kunj had cracked joke and asked about her relationship with rohan.she had thrown up wobbly about it…..they had danced and had got drunk alottt…..
After the graduation ceremony the next day twinkle had left without a word, like ranchor das in three idiots ♥ not even to her bestiee chinki…….
lately, chinki had only called her to inform her about she being going to london for further studies…..but kunj never called……

There was again a knock on the door…….i came back to my concious state from my sub concious mind and wondered who it could be…….my assumptions were preeti a new friend from my neighbourhood , or the milkmen…
I had a severe headache cause my sleep was not yet completed and I was tired of unpacking my stuff…..i was living in a four bedroom hall kitchen house …too big for only me myself……but my dadda loves me so much and he had bought this house for me forever in between the beauty of mountains valleys rivers and the birds basically, all the beauty of nature was beside me and look at silly me what all am thinking I should be happy and enjoy this all ♥ hehe
(NOW a song will be played in bg further you read it you can feel it ♥ ♥
♥♥♥Baaton Ko Teri Hum Bhula Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Dil Mein Hai Zinda Har Ghadi Tu Kahin
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Kitni Chahat Hain Dil Mein Tu Jaane Naa
Kaise Dil Ko Samjhaye Dil Maane Na
Baaton Ko Teri Hum Bhula Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Dil Mein Hai Zinda Har Ghadi Tu Kahin
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Meri Tammanaao Ka Ehsaas Tum
Main Kahin Bhi Rahun Mere Aas-Paas Tum
Khuda Jaane, Khuda Jaane, Khuda Jaane..
Ik Pal Bhi Tumse Door Jaa Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Baaton Ko Teri Hum Bhula Na Sake
Hoke Judaa Hum Na Judaa Ho Sake
Ajnabi Silsila Mere Saath Hai
Bheed Mein Tanhaai Ka Ehsaas Hai
Khuda Jaane ♥♥♥

I went towards the door and as I open it I froze at my place……
I was bombshelled at my place….i forze when I saw those brown orbs , those pink lips , those pretty sharp features , those silky brown hair…..a longing filled me a desire that how and why was he here…….how he got my address…..most probably dadda but why will he…..leave…I came back to senses when he asked if he could come in……
I hesitated but then shifted aside and let him in…..he looked at the house and then back at me….
Hii…i…said kunj how are you? I just simply nodded still in shock..
He again asked me in a hope I would speak now…….did you got a job twinkle……I just shook my head….
I got a job in Delhi…..he said but I was still silent not a single word dared to come out of my mouth I donno why??
I saw her after sooooo long it’s been one year almost……and she is not speaking a single word am dying to hear her voice my siyappa queens voice I want to hear sadu sarna from her but she is silent as a grave……finally I stood up….
I am going I said and she stood up and walked me to the door……I was just leaving when I guess she finally found the courage to speak…
Kunj….do you knw how much I searched for you… many times I went to LPN road cause I heard your uncle had a business there…….do you know how much I spent at the library in CP cause I got to know from somewhere that your father came there… you know how much am aware of each and every street of Nanital where I use to think you live……
Twinkle I said…….
No kunj lemme speak today lemme complete myself………do you think kunj am here for a job do you ? tum aisaa sochte ho kya kunj ki mujhe dehradun mein mumbai mein yaa kahin or job nahi milega……do you know how many connections my dadda have out there……do you know that.bolo na kun aaye ho ab……..are you here to tell me your achievements kunj….haan speak kunj speak please…..all this while twinkle was crying……
Twinkle I finally shouted…she got quiet and a bit nervous I could she her….before I could speak further she hugged me tight as if she had a fear of loosing something really close to her heart….
Finally I spoke finally I confessedher my feelings for which I came to manali……♥
I love you twinkle……I love you really love you my siyappa queen I love you alottt……I had followed you to this place tears were not stopping…we both were crying like there was no tomorrow……we just wanted to forget our sorrow and hug each other……..
Finally our eyes met and we looked at each other smile forming on the sides of our lips….she confessed her love too……I was the happiest and after that……..

I was soooooo happy I was sooo sad their was this anxiety inside me……I just wanted to hug him and cry and she if it was for real…….he was comforting me and yesss it was indeed reality ♥ he confessed his love for me I was shocked but I was contented and blessed with his love….♥
I love you too kunj I love you my sadu sarna I also confessed after breaking the hug…….♥ we leaned in to kiss eachother… expressed our pain joy care love and every emotion which a person can have ♥ we missed eachother…….
And the next hours were spent under the sheets of love and tenderness ♥
We recalled all the old memories …………
Kunj you know it was like a dream came true today ♥ it was a prophetic dream…….♥
The both rubbed their noses together and slumber slept in eachothers embrace with peacfulness calmness and love embracing us……..with contended smiles…..
After six months we got married ….♥
lived happily forever ♥

God guys hope you all liked it……
Please look forward to the message I tried to give in start …….. 🙂
And yeah do comment guys atleast 30 😉 to banta hai itneeeeee long time baad aayi hun hainaa 😛 hehhee let’s see haha jyada ho gaya naa 🙂

Love you all soooooooo much ♥
I miss you all alotttttttt ♥

  1. Presha

    cute nd sweet…..
    loved it….

    too good…
    love u….
    welcome backkk……

    now ff post soon…samjhiii….

    love u….
    once again welcome backk

    1. Baby

      oyee hoyee preshu baby kisne kaha m back i was jst here to post dis today ♥
      babes i cant come bck till april 🙁
      but will post in between as said ♥
      love u ♥ thanku ♥

    2. Presha

      haa haa pata h board hai na but i will be waiting for u meri golu molu…hehe dekh tera naya naam…

      love u

    3. Baby

      thanku sooo mch preshu i luv dis pet name ♥

    4. Baby

      thanku sooo mch preshu i luv dis pet name ♥ love u ♥

  2. Welcome back Damu;
    Felt so nice seeing you again;
    It was awesome; fantabulous; fantastic

    1. Baby

      thanks alott dear ♥

  3. SidMin23

    Nice and hope people will comment in other post too as we can’t see our twinj lost in tu post. As this is the only ways to make twinj alive which is wrting ff or os etc. hope other silent reaser will comment to encourage them to write more.

    1. Baby

      thanks alottt aarti ♥
      yeah same here ♥ hope so *fingers crossed*
      lods of love ♥

    1. Baby

      thanku sooooooo mch maha ♥
      for dis cute cmnt ♥
      love ya 🙂

  4. Kiya1234

    Right baby ????what ever you said damn true ??
    And by the way nice. And cute os

    1. Baby

      thanks alotttt kiya ♥
      do post ur ff soon ♥
      i hope dis works d speech works hehe ♥
      i really miss u all ♥

    2. Kiya1234

      Yup hope so yeah i ll try post soon
      Miss you to baby

  5. Such a cute luv story…!!! Loved it?

    1. Baby

      thanks dear ♥
      glad u cmntd 🙂
      lods of love ♥
      hope u keep cmnting n make ppl smile like dis only always ♥

  6. Twinj2000

    It was such an awesome piece of writing …it was fabulous??
    Keep writing more n more n thank you for keeping twinj alive by ur writing
    Silent readers sabhi itna request kar rahe hai abhi to comments karo

    1. Baby

      hey dear ♥
      wats ur name ???
      well thanks sooooooooo mch for dis cute cmnt ♥
      m jst soooooo happy ♥
      yeah plss silent readers break ur silence now 🙂
      lods of love ♥

    2. Twinj2000

      Hey actually someone had asked my name before also nd I dint tell but now I’m revealing
      My name is sanjana
      What is ur name ?

  7. Sameera

    Wow yaar baby amazinggggg loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much ….
    Haayeeee too cute ?????????????????….
    Their povs amazinggggg ….
    Finally they confessed atlast ….loveddddddd each and every bit of it …
    U conveyed the true message in the begining yaar ….
    Don’t know what will happen now …as its breaking every writer ….
    Well welcome…back ?? hahaha loveddddddd to see your post after many daysss yaar ….
    Love you ?????????

    1. Baby

      hiiiii samieeee ♥
      glad u luvd my os i was like pata nahi kya likhi hun mein hahha 🙂
      srsly thnku soooooooooooooooo mch 🙂
      hahahaa yeah dis msg srsly needs to b reached toour readers dey r jst nt cmnting n it was enough for me i was seeing from sooo many days all rtrs repeating same gun-gaan quitting no cmnts n all.bas merko gussa chaddi or mene ittni badi essay likh dali jismein kaafi typing error bhi the par yrr schii mein i think today i did right wid typing dis msg n i dont think i hv rtn something wrong ab baaki ka pata nahi ♥
      kher mene pakka dia na sry ♥
      love u aloooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ♥

  8. Welcome back dear
    Hum aapko hi yaad kr rahe the aur aapne hamari sun li
    Awesome cute lovely os
    Aur bhi chahiye aese cute os humko
    Plzzz write more
    Luv u
    Plzzzz come back soon

    1. Baby

      thanks alottt dii ♥
      dats so sweet of u ♥
      lods of love ♥
      surely wenever free i ll come ♥

  9. Fenil

    Nice story.
    Loved it.
    AN read krke mein nahi read karnewala tha….time toh dekho comment ka.
    Frd ki Birthday khatam karke see first time i opened Tei page instaed of my YRKKH page.

    1. Baby

      hehe thanks alotttt bhaiya 🙂
      i guess TEI page ki sisters YRKKH page se better prove kar rhe hain hahahaha just kidding 🙂
      well yeah kinda late thnks for d sweet cmnt 🙂 all are really sweet on TU 🙂
      well good night bhai 🙂

  10. Bful os… ?

    1. Baby

      thanks alottt SS ♥

  11. Awsm,fabulous and cute os.Loved it very much.Plzzz write more.
    Love u????

    1. Baby

      thanks alottt rayna ♥
      lods of love ♥
      keep cmnting plss ♥

  12. Cheena2001Cp

    Baby ji ka OS…..It was fabulous, sach mein beautiful….chalo aayi toh..
    Bye 🙂

    1. Baby

      hehe cheenu ♥
      thnku soooo mch baby ♥
      haan mein aayi toh tu toh so rhi hai kahin 😉
      love u ♥
      bye nahi see u bol ♥ haha

  13. Awesome Baby amazing
    After along time
    Missed your writings
    And your lines are superb
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Baby

      thanks sooooo mch raamiee ♥
      love u alottt ♥
      always stay haapy ♥
      muaahhh ♥
      even i miss urs ♥

    1. Baby

      thanks megs ♥
      glad u cmntd ♥
      wuld luv if u keep cmnting on odrs too 🙂
      love ya ☺

  14. awesome baby keep writing
    luved it so much
    hopefully other writers & readers also start commenting!

    1. Baby

      yeah yashika ♥
      hope soo ♥
      thnks alottt ♥
      love ya ♥

    2. luv u too babes! agr tu jyada kj ni toh beech me a aake aise cute se os hme de diya kr !
      keep writing
      or haan koi ho na ho mai rhungi tera welcome krne ke liye ?

    3. Baby

      hehe thanks alott yashika ♥
      well y dont u make ur account on TU yarr den we can prsnly caht wid eo ???
      actually i hv one my yashu also frm TU n m like meri drama queen toh nhi hai tu par den kon hai yeh pyaari si ladki ♥
      jisse i wuld luv to do frndship ab merii dii mat nikalna bas heheh meri age ke nikal skte ho 🙂 😉

    4. ni yr mai woh yashu ni mai toh shayad tumse bdi hu because mai graduation kr chuki hu !job search kr rhi hu or post graduation kr rhi hu !so I m ur di
      ok mai try krungi ki regestered ho jaun pr yr most of the writers r quitting tu so isliye maine socha ki regestered hone ka kya fyada !
      luv u bye

    5. Baby

      ohhh its ok yashika dii ♥
      but aap hum par infact agar mein abhii khena chaun mujh par bharosa rakho koi quit nahi karega mein kisi ko quit nahi karne dungi yeh mera vaada hai ♥
      aahhh i knw too filmy ryt hehhee ♥
      bt trust me we wont let twinj die our twinj ♥
      love u sooooooooo mch dii ♥
      well koi naa aap mere dii hi sahi ♥
      i wuld luv if aap mere frnd bane 🙂
      love u ♥

    6. ofcourse baccha u r toh my little Sis !
      hmm hope fully koi na chode
      exams ki preparation ache se krna so that u score gud marks in ur boards !
      luv u bye

    7. Baby

      thnks alottt dii sure yeh baby hi boards top karegi hope soo 🙂
      love u ♥
      aap sab ho mere sath toh m sure sab thik hoga 🙂

  15. Awesome
    Amazing darling
    Keep writing

    1. Baby

      thanks stary ♥
      lods of love ♥

  16. Sana785

    loved it…

    1. Baby

      thnks sana ♥
      lods of love ♥

  17. Vibhu

    Hie Baby .. loved ur updates
    I have read all the twinj ffs & os of TU .. sorry for not commenting dear but I promise I would comment on every update I read
    stay happy & blessed
    lots of love ?

    1. Baby

      thanks sooooooooo mch ♥
      for dis promise i hope u will surely fulfill it u r really a nyc prsn 🙂
      well u mst b thinking i dont knw u n still bt yrr ur talks say dat ♥
      thnku ♥
      lods of love ♥
      m soooo happy to get a new frnd i hope n a new cmntrs in our family 🙂

    2. Vibhu

      thnku so much dear .. I hope I would be able to make more frndz here

  18. Nishuu

    Hi baby my dear
    Gud to see u
    It was just awesome
    Loved it sooooo much
    Love u my dear
    Nd sry for the late comment

    1. Baby

      areeeeeeee meri dida aap srieee kun bolte ho ♥
      bola na sry mat bola karo its ohk ♥
      thnks for sch a lovely cmnt ♥
      love u alotttttttt 🙂

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