My dream and mera dream The END.

Hi guys sorry for late updates

I lost my loved ones recently so I can’t concentrate in my ff. I can’t write my story properly. When I sit to write my ff their memories running into my head .

So I decided to finish this ff. And when I get peace of mind. I will start my second FF soon.

Let’s go to episode.

In pervious episode

Sam tells about her dream date. And shivani spoil tej’s romantic date with Sam

They decide their will be a double date.

In resort.

Tej calls hotel manager to book to more sits with them.

Hotel manager: sir your booking is ready .

Tej: manager can you arrange two more seats with us.

Hostel manager : sure sir it will be done.

Tej : Thank you.

Arivand enters with shivani and Sam

Arivand: tej have you handled the problem.

Tej: ah Yarr luckly there is no problem in booking.

Sam: arivand bhai what problem

Arivand: no problem I was asking where is our table.

One hour later .

Sam: we had a great dinner..

Shivani: yaa I will never forget this day in my life.

Tej and arivand: we too.

Suddenly a hand touches tej

That was tej mother and father

Tej : mom … shocked you… here

Arivand mother also reaches the spot in wheel chair

Arivand : mom … you I have to get rest mom why are you here come let’s go from here and signal shivani to leave

Arivand’s mom: you rascal how dare you. Have been dating when I am in hospital.

Arivand: no mom its not like you think I and tej only had dinner these girls are my collage mates we been discussing for our farewell party when we met accidentally that all. Tej tell them ya .

Tej: yes aunty.

Tej parents: oh really then what about these pics

Tej and arivand was shocked after seeing the pics

Arivand : we have caught redhanded man

Those pics are shivani Sam tej and arivand dancing pic .

Tej: how and from whom did you get this pics mom

That’s me .. Its shown none other than mahi

Arivand and tej shocked at a same time angry at mahi

Tej: mahi you … I have never thought you will be this much arrogant girl.

And mom it is not that I have been dating we thought when time comes to tell you

Arivand : yes mom I decided to tell about this before that you had heart attack because of your health condition I had to keep this in dark .sorry Arivand mom: its okay now its over.over there will no dates after this .

Tej mother: yes arivand mother is right I support this. Tej and arivand we have decided to get married you both.

Arivand mother : that too bride will be decided by us . Already we decided your brides Mr krhuana ( tej’s father ) show their respectively bride photo

He gives the photos

They are shocked its Sam and shivani photo

Arivand : mom my bride is .. S.. Shi

Arivand mother : yes your right shivani is my future… no my daughter in law.

Tej: stamming mom for me S.. Sa..

Tej’s mother : s beta your joy is our kushi ( happiness)

Sam and shivani jumps in happiness and hugs and congarts each other

Arivand mother hugs arivand and shivani and bless them.

Tej also get blessing from his parents and thanks his parents for accepting our love..

Tej’s father and mother : this thanks belong to your close friend mahi and his boy..

Mahi : Aunty.. Don’t tell him

Tej and shivani : mahi … boy friend ah what is matter mahi you didn’t tell us.

Mahi : oh baby .. Ouch sorry Sam its came out of habit I will try to change.

Sam: its okay now you have boyfriend I will be at ease ( be peace)

Tej : its okay you tell me who is your boyfriend?

Mahi : not now I will tell tomorrow

Arivand : y tomorrow is any SPL day ?

Mahi : tomorrow is your farewell day celebration have you all forgotten ?

Tej: oh ya right ..

Sam: mahi can I ask you some thing how you find we are in love.

Mahi: one day you were angry and tej was trying calm down with DJ music.. I saw you both dancing . That day I was really heartbroken and angry too .I was crying all night in middle of road. On that day only I have got my love of my life.

Tej: that means we know your boyfriend. Who could be ?

Mahi : he only consoled me and he taught what is love means ..

Tej: then how you convinced my and arivand’s parents

Mahi : that was my boy friend plan I didn’t do anything I just went with him to your parents we both talked to your parents personally first they were angry with you. But my boy friend handled the problem smoothly..

Arivand : yey yar to hell with your boyfriend your creating curiosity to meet him .

Shivani : s I am very curious to meet him.

Mahi: you four will be shocked after seeing my boyfriend .

Sam and tej: Let see ..

At the day of farewell

Vinrana rithvik tej arivand Sam and her friends dances for s

Allah song from Ninaithale Inikkum.

After few hours

Sam : at last farewell celebration went well. Tej we started our love life from this fare well don’t forget it.

Tej: s you are right. You know what I have fallen in love with you the time when I saw you in library..

Sam: oh how romantic don’t tell in filmy way i know you was angry at time because I have complained to principal

Tej : Trust me I didn’t tell any lie.

Sam: I am leaving you continue with your lies with this wall. Sam started to leave tej pulls closer her.

Tej : Sam believe me I am telling true fact..

Sam: if we continue with this we will miss your best friend boy friend have you forgotten.

Tej: oh right come let’s go..

Arivand shivani Tej Sam reaches the spot

Tej : where is mahi? Arivand are you sure this place where mahi texted you.

Arivand: ya this is the place.

Shivani and Sam : we don’t see any body here. Suddenly a voice Hai Guys

Tej: mahi finally you reached where is you boy friend ..

Mahi: Wait guys he is Mahi’s boyfriend It will take time come and sit and relax for some time..

Few mins

Shivani: its been 10 mins over already when he will come..

Tej and Arivand: yes mahi we already wasted our time. We are leaving .. Come on guys..

Mahi: wait .. He is reached already I thought it will be a surprise for you all ..

Sam: to hell with your surprise

Mahi: oh baby sweetheart come show your face.

All are eagerly watching the entrance

They were all shocked and surprised

Its none other than Vinrana

Arivand and tej : you …. We… never thought it will be you…

Vinrana : ya its me you’re best friend and room mate . how it is?

Arivand and tej : looking at each other and started to beat him in friendly manner..

Shivani : I am in hell shocked..

Sam: me too ..

Arivand: I am happy for you man.

Tej: me too happy da one is talkive and another is silent nice match.

Sam: its saying that always opposite attracts its true in your love.. All the best for your love of live..

All are happy ..

Rithvik running to them and saying when I will get a girlfriend

Tej: already you have man

Rithvik: who

Vinrana, tej, Arivand together: your pillow ..

Rithvik: You three …. Suddenly a hand touch him .

The girl : are you rithvik

Rithvik: ya its me ..

The girl: I have seen your dances in YouTube and I am your big fan of you can I get your autograph..

Rithvik: ya sure with pleasure

The girl: thank you..

The girl leaves ..

Rithvik flying in air …

Tej: what man are you in love with her ..

Rithvik: no no she is just my fan that all..

Arivand: ohh OK then clean your saliva in your face its publicly visible..

Rithvik: you two….

Scene freezes with their happy faces ..

This Ff end with a happy ending..

Thank you for love and support my loveable readers with out you I am unable write this ff.

Soon I will see all in my next FF

I have already started to write my second Ff

Some personal issues I can’t continue to write my second Ff …

But don’t worry readers I will give.

My small updates now. I have seen my readers are mostly from south india.

I have decided to write my second Ff will be from south India like characters, and story..

Once again thank you all . See you soon..

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  1. Shesha485

    Amazing Chapter. Surprising that Tej and Arivand’s parents caught them red handed. Poor Tej and Arivand could not give any explanation. Surprising that Mahi is the one who revealed to their parents and the parents getting convinced and making this prank was a sweet surprise. Vin as Mahi’s boyfriend was a nice match. Sam and Tej’s romance was cute. Everyone making fun of Rithvik with pillow was hilarious. Loved the ending. Yeah, it’s okay with your decision. Stay positive and strong. Take care.

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