My dream and mera dream (Episode 8)

Hi all sorry for late post its due to exams. And network problem. THANKS TO ALL YOUR WAIT AND I WILL TRY TO PUT THE EPISODE ONE TO THREE DAYS ..

Now let’s go to next episode.

In party

Both the couples dances. Suddenly electricity gone.

Arivand: what happened suddenly wait I will go and see and come.

A voice behind happy birthday to you .. Standing with a cake🎂.

All boys : you… with a surprise in their tone

Sam: guys who is this girl?

Tej: oh she is my childhood…

That Girl: oh my cute birthday baby wait I will tell her.

Hi beatutiful I am Mahi  tej’s girl friend

Sam: Tej what is this ( in a angry tone )

Tej: Sam not as you think I will explain every thing to you later wait a min

Tej goes to mahi

Mahi: Hi! Baby how is the surprise you like it.

Tej: nice surprise mahi. But why are suddenly to India and calling me baby. Listen mahi I am your good friend from childhood . let’s forget the past


Mahi: but baby I am not  mean to say that. It came out of habit tej you know my habit na..

Tej: its okay bygones by bygones let’s start a

new life

Mahi: okay tej come lets enjoy the day

Both of them comes back to party.

Arivand: Hi mahi what a surprise how come you..

Mahi: of course its my tej birthday party how come I miss it.

Sam After hearing my Tej from mahi mouth she started to fuming and calls📞 to Tej

Tej sees Sam’s call think why she calling me when she is here. Tej takes call

Tej: Sam why are calling me when are you  in party itself. Let’s talk in person right.

Sam: of course we can but I don’t want to talk you

Tej: Then ..

Sam : to give birthday gift. I haven’t give any gift so can you come and see in backyard in hotel ( gives flying kiss seeing Tej)

Tej understands and   cuts call ..

Tej looking Sam with a smile

Tej in mind: I understand Sam you are possiveness over loaded in your mind right . you look nice in this avatar also like it baby. Coming  to get your gift.

After party completes

Tej waits in backyard in hotel

Sam come with a beautiful rose

Tej: what’s up ya only one rose I didn’t accepted from you.(in a funny voice )

Sam: Then what you accept baby I am not like your Mahi baby I am not good at surprising others

Tej: Sam why are talking like mahi. She my childhood friend that’s  all  don’t take to heart

She is like that only from childhood

Sam: what calling you baby is it from childhood itself.

Tej: no no not like that . I will tell but don’t get sad, or angry with me OK ?

Sam: I will not get sad or angry  you tell the reasons right now.

Tej: OK my father , Mahi’s father and Arivand’s father are partners

So we often get together for parties

When we completed my graduation in london.

Flask back.

On graduation day ..

Mahi: Tej I want to tell you something ?

Tej: what tell me.  wait are you going to cry what or we have meet often and get together… of course we will meet .


Mahi: no not that I want tell ( shy in face ) I want tell those magical words . I LOVE YOU TEJ💓

Tej shocked  What!

Mahi: yes tej I am fallen love with you not now long ago I was waiting to tell on this particular day.

Our parents also agree for our relationship so don’t worry

Tej: mahi sorry yar I don’t love you. Your my good friend mine like arivand I don’t expected this from you I am so sorry and leaves the place

Mahi is heart broken

At present

Sam: After that what happened ..

Tej: then next day me and my father has an argument about this .

And he said get out from the  house

Then I joined this collage slowly started to studying

Sam: why your  father didn’t stand  in this .

Tej: (slightly smile in his face ) and said for him only business if I don’t marry mahi then her father’s collaboration with him will be destroyed and then his company shares will be down. So never met him after  that fight.

OK leave it ..

Sam: so … mahi’s love is one side love . you never love her and nobody right?

Tej: haan baba  I have never loved anybody. You are my first love and u will be my last love also. You will be in  my heart  forever. Happy ?

Sam jumps in happy and hugs tej

Sam: I am so happy tej and I got little scared. Promise me you will never leave me. Even we fight.

Tej:  promise I will never leave you even you leave me. My heart and soul is booked for you.

OK In a  mean Time I have planed a surprise . come on Sam.

Tej close Sam’s eyes and bring to the place where decorated with roses..

Sam see place and got dumbstruck .

Sam: what is  this tej

Tej: A surprise for you to melt your anger. ( Tej puts music system )

Tej ask a dance to Sam. .

Sam and Tej  dance for (Dekha Hazaro Dafaa dances  romantically ..

Tej say  I love you Sam and kisses her forehead

Sam also say  I love too Tej and hugs him back ..

Both of them enjoys the moment ..

Some one sees both of them and fuming ..



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  1. Shesha485

    Glad that you have uploaded the FF. Loved the sweet romantic moment between Sam and Tej. Mahi’s entry and Sam’s possessiveness was cute. I am liking Mahi’s character too. I don’t want her character to turn negative. Sad that Tej and his dad had a quarrel due to Tej’s choice. Sam getting happy when Tej promises her and speaks romantically, was cute

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