(I have written this fanfic in ‘finite show’ manner and soon its going to see its end …But through this ‘fanfic’ I wanted to convey that how a commercial serial can be executed wisely and can end it in wise and sweet manner..whoever has read it so far ..thanks for giving time to it)…

Next day all gets ready to attend Saumya’s hostel inauguration ceremony.

Preeto asks saumya what name of the hostel will be?Saumya tells to all have some patience, they will know everything about it…

On other side, Angel decides that now she will take ‘Heer’ with her at any cost and in front of everyone without any kidnapping drama…(as she is fed up doing so) …She bribes the constable again and orders to go out for while again..She takes her mobile phone and rings Kareena (her spy kinnar in Saumya’s group)…

Angel: Hellloo!!! Angel speaking!!what’s news over there? Have you gathered any news or just dancing to Saumya’s tune?Listen you will be profited only from me and no one else…got it…

Kareena: No I didn’t forget my aim to destroy her…today she is going to inaugurate her hostel …And yes an NGO owner who is in contact of CM and Principal of Heer’s college is going to attend the inauguration ceremony. And yes Principal is going to attend the ceremony sharp at 8am..(smirks)

Angel: Shaabaash!!! My trump card….Keep doing like this one day I will make you Gurumaa of our community…Ok…I am leaving the call now..

Kareena : Ok…come soon with bang…

She leaves the call and keep it in the digged place again…and the constable comes again..and Angel tells him to come near

Angel : Today rightly at 9 o’clock you shall unlock me from here and you will go to hospital…there you will recieve your money by phone..ok…!!!

The constable nods slightly and goes away…

On the other side at college Heer sees the notice board and sees the exam is starting by the end of this month…She gets tensed a bit…how she will cope up the long syllabus and coverups in a month…Viraat arrives there with other class mates…

Viraat: What happened Heer !!you looks tensed any problem?

Heer: See naa viraat , exam is coming and how I would cope the syllabus in a month, This time the syllabus is vast…and every chapter is important..
How I will cover all these..(making cute lips flipped)

Sonika: Arrey!! Dont worry naa were out of the college for one-year, you will be considered, and given relaxation in covering syllabus …dont worry!! You can even ask teachers about your doubts also..

Heer: Dont you have notes ?I will write it down in class only..and wont take home..dont worry.. I know you all have to study now..

Sonika: Listen dear!! I would surely have gave you my notes but I have given my notes to Virsha..she was also absent due to her illness …now she has returned too…Why dont you take from viraat ? He may have notes..

Viraat: Sonika!! Even I was absent too from past one year, and I also need some notes yaar!! Dont anyone else has notes??Koi toh help karo yaar!!!

Sid another mate tells..

Sid: Yes!! Guru bhai is there, he would surely help you …you know naa he is president of our ‘Students Union’ now..he keeps all notes as pdf and xerox format too…as we all requested him to do so…..So go to him he may get you both helped ..

Viraat : where I will get him..

Sid : At class may be…

Viraat and Heer goes to him…

Guru was at class …they both enters..

He greets casually..

Viraat: Guru bhai!!!we are at problem.. We both were absent from past one year and now has rejoined our class to pursue our career again..but now we will need important notes …Sid told you provide previous notes …please help bhai!!!

Guru : Hmmm…..I understand your problem…. Love marriage , family issues and all…ok I will give …but!!! …with a deal….Agreed??(with attitude)..

Heer: Hey!!how you can do it to us??we are in problem naa…I heard you are president of ‘Students Union’..Being president you must help others without any profit making intuitions..

Guru : ok !!! I will give you notes free!!
Just be my friend Heer…I will provide you all notes…(smirks weirdly at ‘Heer’)

Viraat gets angry…Heer makes him understand to let them go and complain their problem to Principal …he would surely look into the matter..They both leaves the place and goes to Principal’s office room.

While reaching there they comes to know Principal is not here but has gone to attend some inauguration ceremony somewhere. But will return late as he has to go other places too.

Both Viraat and Heer gets tensed and returns to class again.

Other side, Its 8 am and NGO Owner and Principal arrives at Saumya’s new hostel inauguration ceremony ..

Preeto gets excited…

Preeto : Saumya… At least tell now dear …the name please naa…I cant control my excitement…

Harman: Preeto, Keep calm naa …Principal will cut the ribbon and we all will see it naa.. Even we all are excited.. But just few minutes more…(smiles pinching Preeto’s cheeks)

Principal comes and gives speech about the new initiative of ‘Kinnar’ hostel and praises the family too …and cuts the ribbon..

The curtain opens and it shows in Bold red letters ‘Shakti Kinnaralay’…

All are just stunned and goes on clapping….

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