My decision for my story

My decision for my story
So now I am diciding and sharing the end of my created story just because of Renimarenju’s comment.
The end I have decided for my story can be said as narrow minded according to present people or age but as we all know everyone has his/her own point of view so as me but the unique thing is mine is very different indeed opposite to present age’s people’s. Although mine’s point of view is opposite to present age’s people but still it had it’s own logics and reasons.
The limitations my story’s girl get to know are hard to obey but have long term effects and also makes the life simple. And one more thing I have no problem with compromising my wishes which is indeed a battle from heart and sometimes it gets too difficult to win over heart even for my story’s girl too?.
But she know she had to be strong✊ to attain simple life and long term effects☺.
To me having a simple life is more important than fulfilling our desires. For fulfilling our wishes we knowingly or unknowingly effects others’ lives too. Which complicates our life as well as others’. Now here it comes two point of views.
One says why we take the responsibility of our effect on others they should not allow themselves to be effected by us.
And the second one is it’s better if we prefer others’ and our’s betterment over our wishes.
Mine point of view is the second one. In this article I am going to say about the topic I was thinking to write a separate article but now writing that article so in this one.
The article I am thinking to post from a long time.
What to say about LOVE. It’s a vast topic. Love has many types.
Love in which the lovers stays with each other life long.
Love which ends separating the lovers and one or the both gets tied to someone else.
One sided love which first develops/starts itself and then dies or keeps itself alive but if the one chooses the second option then it proves to be a pain for life long.
One sided love which makes the one possessive and it makes the person psycho if it’s very very very possessive or if the one is not that much possessive then maybe it’s possible to make the person normal.
But these are the different ends/types of love.
Which often complicates our lives as well as others’. Although I am not against love but mostly it doesn’t have good ending so isn’t it better to be away from any circumstances in which someone can fall in love. Just think.
Hopefully/surely many will be against my point of view but as we all know and accept that everyone can has his/her own point of view. So it was mine.
Our biggest similarity
Now It’s your thinking that you focus on similarity or differences.
Now I will take leave from my readers.
Will be back again with some other thoughts next time.
Till then
Take care yourself and all the people you have.
Value the relations you have.
Love humanity Respect humans
Remember all humans of the world in your prayers and wish for all what you wish for yourself and pray God to resolve all problems of all people in the world (without any discrimination or difference).
And keep smiling.
Be blessed.
Be strong.
Be positive.
You all be in the safety of God.

    1. Ooshi

      Wo aae hmare ghr main Khuda ki kudrt hai kbhi hm un ko kbhi apne ghr ko dekhte hai
      Tumhara comment dekh kr boht acha

    2. Fenil

      Aww Siddhant’s one liner !! Thanks !!

    3. Ooshi

      Smj nhi aai

  1. Niyati

    I agree with u Appi . I also believe in simple life . Nice & well described article …Loved it . Keep writing & post next one soon. Lots of love ?

    1. Ooshi

      It means a lot to me Dear
      Love U A Lot??????????❤?

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