My dear bhabhi . # riansh # akansha

Hey guys am back so let’s start . 

SO THESE is an os I thought to write something very different some of u may found it boring . SO let’s start and here am in the character of Aryan .

SO here Aryan got the award of the biggest bussiness man in London and ridhima and vansh and others are in India so Aryan was requested to tell about his journey .

Aryan: so hello ladies and gentlemen so I let me tell about my journey . SO As u know that am the brother of vansh ray singhania but these credit goes to my dear bhabhi yes my ridhima bhabhi u all know my she is also my bussineswomen in front of the world my bhabhi is my best FRIEND she is my teacher and everything after my mom she is my second my mom . She is the one who is the backbone of my everything . She was inspiration of becoming a successful businessmen . She was the one who ALWAY  brings a smile to me . She is different from everyone.  She used to tell me enjoy my life . She tells enjoy your life but don’t forget your duties and career . My bhabhi and I USED to go to night out or in club she always tell be modern from brain and thoughts and old from hearts . She is my best FRIEND she is my magician . Without my telling anything she gets to know everything . She is my secret keeper . Her hands food is not less than any 5 star hotel . I love her food especially her Bengali food her Bengali fish sorsebata hilsa fish.  I literally miss her but she is my mood lighter . ALL THE bussiness ideas everything was given by her .She ALWAY tells me go to club and enjoy with friends but without her everything is half . Huh but she ALWAY tell to smile and enjoy life .

Aryan wipes her tears

Aryan : I would like to tribute something for my inspiration for my bestie ridhima bhabhi .

Ridhima was listening from the television got emotional she was just smiling hearing the song . She remembers the moments how she and Aryan used to go for ice cream at night how they used to for a bike ride , how they used to enjoy in the club .

Siya : see bhabhi I told u na u are the best

VANSH: Akhir wife kiske hai

Ishani and angre  : aur bhabhi

All the four hugs ridhima and ridhima smiles .

Scene shifts to London .

Aryan: i would like to end these with only 2 words .

I love u bhabhi 

I miss u . 

Everybody claps the claps were echoing hole over the area .


I know I know it’s boring I know u all would be throwing chappals and eggs 

but please don’t throw am your dear innocent writer naa  as in show Aryan is negative so I thought to make Aryan positive so post it . PLZ PLZ comment and tell your views if their is any GRAMMARTICAL OR SPELLING MISTAKE so am sorry . AND sorry for the bakwas os but plz shower your love byeee take care . 

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    It’s awesome 💙💚

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    Amazing🤩. Not boring at all.

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    So cute bond ❤️❤️.
    Amazing loved it ❤️❤️

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  8. Wow.I liked Aryan being positive and a cute bond of baabhi and devar.

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  10. Amazing os and it is not at all boring

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