My Crush! My Love! (TwiNj) SS Part – 5

Twinkle is shocked when someone pulled her and pinned her to pillar. She shocked to see the person.

Twinkle: Kunj

Kunj moved away suddenly.

Kunj: I am sorry Twinkle. Actually, I felt like you are nervous to speak with in front of others. So, only I did like this. I am so sorry.

Twinkle nervously: it’s ok. What do you want?

Kunj: whether you had tablets?

What tablets? What’s his problem?

Twinkle: amm. No

Kunj raised his voice came little near to her: no? Are you kid to remember every time?

Watchman turned to them and murmurs something.

Twinkle: kunj, I know how to take care of my health.

She pushed him away and went.

What he is thinking about me? There is a limit to everything. He just knows me for 3 days. What is the need to care for me this much? Because of him, that guard looks at me disgustingly. Oh no, Sir came.

Twinkle stopped suddenly outside the class, Kunj who came behind her dashed her.

Kunj: sorry

Twinkle mutters: it’s my mistake.

Sir: wow, today two people are late. Means, we are going to hear two beautiful songs.

I can’t. Everything because of this idiot only.

Twinkle coughs: Sir, sorry. I won’t be late hereafter.

Sir: We will think about it later. First, sing a song for us. Audience choice. Which song you guys want?

Twinkle: sir, throat pain.

Sir: now also, Audience choice. Whether we excuse her today?

Everyone nods their head. Twinkle went inside and sit in her seat silently.

Sir: Now Kunj, you can’t escape. You should definitely sing.

Kunj: sir, please.

Sir: no no, you should sing. Take your own time. We will wait.

Kunj starts singing.

I Am Sorry Mere Pyaare Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
I Am Sorry Oh Sorry Jaane Do
Hota Hai Chhodo Bhi Jaane Do
Ho Gayee Galti Chhodo Bhi Yaaron 2

Kunj looks at Twinkle with a smile. Twinkle smiled back.

Impossible he is. We can’t resist his smile. Also, he has his way of convincing an angry bird. See, now my heart also on his side and naming me as an angry bird.

Sir: Kunj, We let it go. It’s not a big mistake. Why you sang this song?

Kunj: Sir, actually. I did a mistake. So, I wished to ask sorry.

Sir: fine, go and sit. Ok, guys, 1 week more to end this conference. Tomorrow, I won’t come. Some other faculty will come. So, behave yourselves.

He continued his lecture. Both, Kunj and Twinkle immersed in a lecture.


Evening @ Home:

Kunj: I am sorry, Twinkle. It’s my mistake.

Twinkle: it’s ok. You cared for me. Shall I ask you something?

Kunj: Yeah, go on.

Twinkle: you know me for 3 days only. Then, why you are caring for me this much?

Kunj remains silent. Twinkle looks at him curiously.

Kunj: I don’t know how to say? It’s a habit which I learnt from my mom. She used to care even unknown persons. In that way, I know you for 3 days.

Twinkle: oh.. That’s a good habit.

Kunj: not yet had a tablet right?

Twinkle: again tablets. Why Kunj, you are behaving like a strict mother?

Kunj chuckles: Because I would like to be your mother.

Twinkle: what?

Kunj: amm..just.. For fun.

Twinkle: it’s ok. But I don’t want you as my mom. Then I have to face Hitler daily.

Kunj: what did you say? Am I behaving like Hitler?

Twinkle chuckles: yes, what you will do?

Kunj gets up. Twinkle ran all over the living room.

Kunj: Twinkle, stop.

Twinkle: I won’t.

She giggles and ran. He chased her. She went into her room and tried to lock it, before that he pushed the door and came inside. She ran around the bed. He too chases her around the bed. Finally, he jumped from the other side of the bed and caught her hand. Both lost balance and fall on the bed.

Kunj came over her and hold her hand. She tried to escape.

Kunj: am I looking like Hitler? Tell me Twinkle.

Twinkle laughs: yes.. But not looking like Hitler. But behaving like him, strict officer.

Kunj: strict officer? Then how I am looking?

Twinkle softly: You are so cute as Siddhanth Gupta.

Both started losing themselves in each other eyes. Cool breeze flows and Twinkle’s hair falls on her face disturbing Kunj. While removing it his fingers caressed her cheeks. She closed her eyes. Suddenly, Kunj realised their position and get up from her bed.

Kunj: I am sorry.. I am sorry.

Twinkle sits straight: it’s ok.

Both avoid seeing each other. Kunj left her room. Twinkle checked whether he went or not and closed the door. She caressed her cheeks which turned red in colour and blushed.

Twinkle, don’t develop so many feelings inside you. He will leave in 1 week from this house. He will leave you as well as. Moreover, it’s just a crush. I shouldn’t pour fuel to my crush and grow it. Be practical, Twinkle.

She went and take a bath. Then went downstairs. Aditi and Madhu were back home.

Twinkle: where you both went?

Aditi: Mom’s medical check-up di. I called you but you both didn’t pick up.

Twinkle: my mobile was in silent. Then, I tried you when I saw the missed call. But you didn’t pick up.

Aditi: at that time, we were in the doctor room. Where is Kunj Bhai?

Twinkle then only realised that Kunj is missing.

Twinkle: might be in his room.

Aditii: ok, I will go and fresh up.

Aditi left to her room.

He might feel guilty. I should go and make him feel guilty free. It’s not his mistake.

Twinkle went to Kunj’s room. She is about to knock but stopped hearing a voice.

Kunj: you are an idiot, kunj. What she will think? Idiot idiot

Kunj: I told you na, no issues. Don’t feel guilty.

Kunj turned and become nervous to see Twinkle.

Kunj again: I…am..s..or..ry

Twinkle chuckles: I am the one who stammers usually, but today you are stammering, funny.

Kunj smiled sheepishly.

Twinkle: it’s just an accident. So, forget about it.

Kunj: haan.

Twinkle smiles and left the room.


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