I want to say a thing that even
though Rashmi Sharma has made return my favorite actor Cezanne Khan back to tv after so many years…but it doesnt mean that I would forget all her madness she did earlier in SSK1, SNS1,Swara gini with all those black magic , daayan chudail, Naagin…only ‘Shakti’ by god’s grace has been spared out of this superticious stuffs , of all it has well constructed the scenes of ‘kinnar’ problems ,and I think still it can show the dillema, conflicts and challenges faced by ‘kinnar’ world and their supporters in the form of HAYA 2.0 and VIHEER… Yes , indeed I am new Harman’s supporter but I wont want they would compromise to cream charachters like HAYA 2.0 or VIHEER or even Angel, she could be the core and strong vamp of this show and ‘kinnar’ community and Jeet too who could join hand with Angel to harm HAYA 2.0 and destroy the community ..As far Maahi, (in real she is too cute to be thought as vamp) to me, she is a weak vamp, too weak.

And I really dont want this to go ‘Saas Bahu’  raag with Parmeet doing torture over Heer and Haya leaving her in sasural..’Please No’ makers ‘A big No’…and show the fight of their community and ‘Tarana’ s fierce avatar combating the evil ‘Angel’ and her intentions….

And  second, even also I  won’t want that it should stretch as a chewing gum  like other ‘so called long running shows’ even if everything is finally sorted out nicely and has nothing to continue. I as a viewer would like  to see it ends nicely in such case.

  1. Snowflake

    nice one…….

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