So hello guys , Few days my fan fiction…i told you all about a surprise…so this is the surprise Please read it full .l am Abhay…many of you know me and many don’t . As you might know that our favourite show IMM2 is going to End on 5th July 2021 , So i have decided something special for all of us . And everyone is invited in it . Please i request you all to attend the “FINALE PARTY ” OF IMM2 LAST EPISODE

Invitation card

Yes..A farewell party of imm2 .

Imm2 was a great journey for all of us . We made many friends,  theories ..jokes and everything..but will it end now ….? Answer is absolutely no. We will be we were …. So let’s talk about that surprise….

I and many of us have decided to conduct a party…

1) Reasons : Imm2 finale party 

2) Location  : Episode written updates 

3) Time : After Amena di …posts the page..maybe till 8 p.m.

4) Target : 7000+ comments…

Someone have asked the telly updates admin about the highest number of comments and they replied that it is 6700 or something…so let’s break this record .

Our imm2 has given so much to us. Earlier when helly di and rahul sir and Ankit sir were covid +ve ..still they shoot for us , When there were lockdowns..makers transported from Mumbai to goa..then shilliguri for us …rahul sir lost his mother..but still he shoot because of us..even yash sir and mamta mam..invested a lot on vootiya for us…So can’t we give a small return 😢gift to them…just 7000+ comments…I know number is much …but it is not impossible..we will do whatever it takes..

You might be thinking..i told about party..what will we do in party..


Final day party planning by my side
1) episode review – of course
2) everyone’s POV
3) Jokes and shayris
4) remembering all episodes till now ,
5) prediction – how it should have end.
6) emotional dialogues
7) Everyone’s name reveal . Everyone will reveal their real name
8) Someone’s life personal experience .
9) things we learn throughtout year.
10) Wishing best of luck for everyone’s personal life challenges.
11) sharing our experience on the show.
12) our hobbies or dreams .
13) links of tweet , insta and others.
14) thinking how will we be connected in future…without social it is not easy for everyone..
15 ) episode overview and everyone’s 1st comments on TU. 

16) A quiz held for you all (you all will decide topic) 

17) How you  think that they show should have ended

18)  tell who is your  favorite character, favorite antagonist, favorite protagonist, etc 

 19 ) Tell your experience while watching show and commenting on TU . 

20) We’ll have final farewells and we’ll wish each other success, happy life, etc (the saddest part!) 

21 ) Abc bro commentary 

22) If anything is left..then please comment below…? 

Everyone will be served online juices 🤣🤣🤣🤣..bas juice key paisay apnay pass hai 🤣🤣🤣 …

Tell me your suggestion below and how did you like this framework of final episode party on Tomorrow…

I want end this with a happy ending..

Don’t forget soldiers..

Target : 7000+ comments…

And i want to tell all readers..even after the show will end..we ff writters will continue our ff for all of you.  So went want your support in more quantity..much more than earlier.  Because I know many will leave the site after the show ends..but please don’t do that . We all ff writters are working hard for making episode and will continue even  after show ends…we just want your bigg..bigg. bigg support.  Are you with me  ?

Please tell me your suggestion below ?

Don’t forget to download the online invitations from Google drive link

Link below – online invitations 🤣🤣🤣

You will get other details  in the invitations link..

Bye , take care…please come…

Charge your phone…but if there is study or tests..then first do study .

Thanks,  comment below.

  1. N Ayesha

    Ohh dude ..
    Okay we will ready .
    We will support you.

  2. iam also participate abhay
    i never leave tu of riansh
    immj2 is really best part of my life

  3. 👍done

  4. Your plan is amazing!!!

  5. In my life first time iam reading in fanfiction story is rinash story
    l have to thanks for tu bcz they give love family of riansh friends.
    today only story nding not our frienship i hope all my frds support our writers
    thanks for lovely invites

  6. Oh wow this is something interesting very interesting
    I’m in thank you for doing something like this for all of us
    I’m not gonna leave this
    Y’all have to write ff for life long time and I’ll read the ff for life long time 😂 but seriously after the show ends we have nothing in our life a reason to live so why the hell we will leave ff now it will become the priority of our life
    And Ya we should make group on snapchat or insta we will discuss about this today at the party
    At last thank you abhay for conducting this party we will always cherish the moments of this party

    1. Parita

      Are you on snapchat??

    2. Yeah are u also on snapchat can I have ur ID plz or do u want my ID as u say

    3. Parita

      Yes sure…i don’t mind
      I’ll share my id then

  7. Will definitely join😊 and will break the reacord also😂😂

  8. Parita

    Yess Abhay bro!!
    I agree to this plan too…..we’ll make the most of it together with each other tonight!
    We’ll celebrate and try not to cry
    And to all writers and readers too….let’s stay connected through the ffs!❤❤

    1. AarushiSoni

      It’s tomorrow haina??

  9. Priyanka Thakur

    I’ll definitely participate in it Abhay

  10. Snowflake

    Ill try!

  11. Prapti0809

    done abhay.

  12. Annoyinguser

    Ok done danna done done. Hmm mobile charge pe lagana padega😂abhi.

  13. Hey dude awesome idea man. Surely we will support u man. Eagerly waiting ❤️🤟

  14. Aisha08

    Ok i m in!! When we all were crying u planned this..kudos to u..
    Girls are quite emotional than boya hence proved..
    Just love this idea..

  15. Denza

    Iam always there……2 weeks left for comment section to be closed…..So 7K will be under statement, we should expect 20K+ comments. And Haan we should make our Immj2 page forever alive………..
    See you on today’s Party👻👻

  16. Akansha roy

    I will surely participate in it and I suggest to make a grp in telegram Snapchat or Insta or any other place . Thanks a lot ABHAY for these

  17. Amazing we will support you

  18. Aishwarya Wanjari

    I will definitely join

  19. Amazing… Will surely join !!!

  20. Frozen hidden

    well mere pyaare guruji (shayad jada hogya kya 😕chodo)
    mere ghar pe guest aaye hue hai+ ghar walo ko nhi pata ki mai TU mai hu so…..
    aur mere gayab hone ka yhi reason tha ghar walo ko pata chal gya tha (for more information consult aarushi devi or Radhika devi) for me it’s impossible but will try okay….

    1. Abhay

      My family also don’t know i am in Telly updates 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Frozen hidden

      sabke ghar pe yhi haal (condition) hai 😂😂

    3. Akansha roy

      Same yaar mere ghar walo ko bhi NAHI pata

  21. Okay Abhay bhai but juice k paise ap dena 😅kyuki pawri apke trf se hai and where was helly covid positive

    1. Abhay

      She was at starting

  22. Frozen hidden

    juice ke paise mai nhi dene wali (aab aap dekhlo) 😛😛
    BTW Isme 50 reach karna hai kya??

    1. Frozen hidden

      iske 50 50 usme add kardena 🤪🤪

    2. Frozen hidden

      oh god 50 2 times hogya sorry

    3. Frozen hidden

      Request hai aapse jisme 7000+ karna hai uska link bhejdena plzz kyuki mai immj2 pg nhi open karti 😞😞

    4. Abhay

      Episode update .. It is not uploaded till now

  23. Frozen hidden

    well mujhe na dusro ko irritate karne mai bahot maza aata hai

    1. Abhay

      Mainay toh irritation kay devta ko bhi irritate kardiya hu 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Frozen hidden

    achha mujhe ek baat batana jab aap TU open kiye the tou aap shock the ??

    1. Abhay

      440 volt ja .. now in hospital 🤣🤣🤣

    2. Ohh bhai maro mushje maro
      merese bhi bat karo

  25. Frozen hidden

    kitne hue huh!! aalsi hu mai dekhne ka maan nhi kr rha hai

    1. Frozen hidden


    2. Abhay

      59 till now

  26. Frozen hidden

    chalo koyi gana gati hu

  27. Frozen hidden

    ha abhi tou yhi gana yad aarha hai

  28. Frozen hidden

    meri zindagi sawaari

  29. Frozen hidden

    mujhko gale lagake

  30. Frozen hidden

    Baitha Diya Falak Pe,

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