Muskaan 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan celebrates her birthday

Muskaan 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak going to buy bangles for Muskaan. Hanumanth says you want your enemy to wear bangles. Ronak says that’s the real gun. He buys the latest design bangles. He turns and sees the same goons. He says we have to serve them this time, that day I was drunk and didn’t do anything. He smiles. Tabassum slaps Muskaan. Sir ji stops her. Tabassum shows him the newspaper and asks him to check it. He says its not Tabassum’s mistake, she didn’t go to college. He asks Muskaan not to cry and go. He doesn’t want her beauty to get less.

Ronak beats the goons. He also catches the bangles box. He gets angry and beats them more. Sir ji asks Tabassum not to ruin Muskaan’s smile. He says Muskaan’s pic is in newspaper, it means she has become a celebrity, we shall show this to clients,

her price will also get high. She understands his point. Ronak says I should have beaten more men. Hanumanth says how did Muskaan’s Nani send goons, stay away from Muskaan. Ronak says Nani would be thinking about her goons’ beaten up. He says I will go to Muskaan’s house and tell her Nani about the goons. Hanumanth asks him not to go.

Ronak says fine, I will take a cake for Muskaan’s birthday. Muskaan says room is decorated for Aarti, when she comes, I will rest in her lap and ask her to sing lullaby. She sees Aarti’s pic and says I missed you a lot. She dances with Suzaine. Rakhi says Aarti has become her strength. Tabassum says Aarti can just become their weakness, we can make Muskaan do anything. Rakhi asks what do you mean. Tabassum says Muskaan will dance for her mum’s sake.

Aarti says I will meet my daughter soon. The ladies say give our best wishes to her. Aarti gets angry and slaps the lady. She says my daughter will not dance. The lady says people dance in happiness. Aarti says no, its a curse for brothel ladies to dance. She calms down and smiles. She says I will tell Muskaan about your all. Muskaan says mumma will see me after many years, will she identify me. Suzaine says you both will hug on seeing each other and cry with happiness. Muskaan says I will laugh and make mumma laugh too. Suzaine thinks Aarti and I will save you from problems. She decorates the room and says you will always be a small kid for me.

Muskaan gets excited. Ronak says I have to make the list and have much work. He waits for cake. The cake gets delivered. Suzaine says we shall cut another cake tomorrow. Tabassum shows Muskaan’s pics to clients. She praises Muskaan. She says you will be seeing her tomorrow, you have to wait for her. Ronak gets praising Muskaan. He calls Dolly and asks for Muskaan’s number. Dolly asks why, I don’t have it. She ends call and sleeps. Ronak keeps Muskaan’s pic and cuts the cake. Muskaan cuts the cake. Suzaine greets her. Ronak sings birthday song for Muskaan. Muskaan hugs Suzaine. Suzaine blesses her to get all the happiness. Ronak says the cake is sweet and lovely like you. He eats cake and smiles.

Muskaan runs and hugs Aarti. She cries. She says I won’t let you go anywhere. Aarti scolds her and says my Muskaan is a little kid, you aren’t my Muskaan. Muskaan and Suzaine get shocked,

Update Credit to: Amena

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