Muskaan 8th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Maalik punishes Amma

Muskaan 8th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying Maalik has seen your disguise, we can’t go to pandal like this, we have to think of something. Durga asks how will we do there. Maalik asks his men to find Muskaan. He says Amma, I have sent my men to kill Durga, if she gets saved and comes here, I will make her wear the garland which has a timer bomb, her story will end this way. Amma gets shocked. Muskaan and Durga come in the lion costume. Ronak and Hanumant come in the tigers’ costume. The man says its Mata’s tigers. Amma asks Inder to get the garland. Inder gets the bomb garlands.

Amma makes them wear garlands. Ronak gets the bomb garland in his neck. Maalik sees garland missing and asks Amma about it. He asks did you steal it to save your daughter. Amma says I m supporting you. Ronak thinks where is Muskaan, maybe Maalik has sent her to any secret place. Muskaan thinks where are you Ronak ji, are you in any trouble, no this can’t happen. She prays. Amma shows the garland to Maalik. They get worried.

Durga says its time to expose Maalik, we will go on stage. Muskaan asks her to wait. Ronak thinks to stay away from Maalik. He goes away. Maalik comes to Ronak again. Ronak thinks does Maalik doubt on me. He tries to run. His mask gets off. Maalik gets shocked seeing Ronak. Muskaan also sees him. She shouts Ronak ji. Everyone gets shocked. Maalik thinks it was Muskaan’s voice. Ronak pushes Maalik. Muskaan says why isn’t this mask getting off. He asks Muskaan to come. He gets Muskaan and Durga with them. Maalik switches on the timer. The bomb gets activated. One of the girl gets caught by goons. Maalik comes to see. Maalik thinks Ronak and Muskaan will be dying in the bomb blast now, their story will end forever. Ronak thinks this garland is so heavy. He removes and throws it. It blasts. Ronak gets shocked.

Maalik smiles. Ronak meets Hanumant. He says we got Muskaan. He asks Muskaan to remove the mask now, they are safe now. They get shocked seeing Durga. Maalik removes the costume gear and sees Muskaan. He brings her home. He sees some men. Maalik shows the electrocution set in the water pool. He says I will punish Amma now. Inder asks why are you punishing her. Maalik says she has given birth to a trouble, who made Muskaan escape today, I will kill her today. Muskaan scolds him for hurting his mum. Maalik says I should be ashamed to just kill Amma, I should kill you. He pushes Amma to the pool. Inder saves Amma and gets a current shock. Amma begs to Maalik. Maalik says you will be giving your life. Kuldeep asks how can you do this with family, its not right. Maalik says its right, I will decide about it. He pushes Amma and Muskaan towards the pool. Ronak comes there and stands in between. He saves Amma and Muskaan.

Muskaan smiles seeing Ronak. Goons take away Muskaan and Amma. Maalik stops Ronak. He says you didn’t die, your death got you here, I will kill you now. He points gun at Ronak. Muskaan says don’t kill him. Ronak asks him to take u turn and look back. Hukum points gun at Maalik. Maalik gets shocked. Ronak takes gun from Maalik’s hand and points at him. Durga comes there and runs to hug Amma. Amma, Inder and Kuldeep hug her.

Inder and Kuldeep take Ronak to push him. Maalik signs them. They push Ronak into the river. Muskaan shouts Ronak ji.

Update Credit to: Amena

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