Muskaan 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti tries to meet Muskaan

Muskaan 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi scolding Muskaan and asking her to do some work well. She asks her to see the mess and clean it before she returns. She goes. Muskaan cleans Rakhi’s room. Sujoy comes to her and finds her upset. He asks aren’t you free. Muskaan asks him to go, else Rakhi will scold her, she will do the work alone. Sujoy says I won’t let you do work alone, sorry, I won’t do anything wrong. Muskaan says till Aarti comes back, I will not get tired, I have to go every day, I will pick the garbage, but I know I will become a big person, Devi Maa will help me, I will study. Aarti goes and gets the food. Shweta adds the sleeping pills in food.

Everyone takes the food. Aarti tries to go. Sujoy feeds Muskaan. She coughs. He asks her to eat slow. Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi see them and smile. Suzaine says its good that Sujoy cares for Muskaan. Sujoy asks Muskaan to say if she needs help, he will do something. Shweta sees everyone sleeping and goes to Aarti. She asks Aarti to just go, but not get late.

Aarti worries seeing the man and thinks he didn’t have food. A vase falls. He hears the sound and comes to check. Aarti gets saved. Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi come to Muskaan. Muskaan tells them about the kids, who are her new friends. She says I want to study, will you help me. Suzaine says sure. She reads the news and inspires Muskaan. She says you can also study and pass.

Muskaan says yes, my story will be same. Suzaine says you can do it. Aarti dons a burqa and comes to see Muskaan. She sees Muskaan in the balcony and cries. Muskaan talks to the moon. Aarti blesses her. She hears Muskaan talking. Muskaan says I will study and give exams, I will have my pic in newspaper, I want my mum and dad. Muskaan cries. Aarti asks her not to cry. A cop sees Aarti and asks who are you. Aarti runs. He runs after her. Muskaan says who is that woman running. The cop catches Aarti. She struggles.

Aarti wakes up and sees her ring missing. Cop tells Tabassum about some woman. He gives Aarti’s ring to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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