Muskaan 7th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak reveals his plans

Muskaan 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji scolding Bua and saying I will forget our relation if you say this about Ronak. Lovely says you told me also that you will name the property to us. Sir ji asks when did I say this, my lookalike has done this, Muskaan is behind this. Muskaan says no, I was with you all day. He thinks who has done this. Tabassum and Tara come. Tabassum asks Sir ji to sign the papers and name the brothel to her. He throws papers and asks did you go mad. She says what, you called us here. He asks her to stay in her limits. She says I didn’t come to get insulted, I came on your call. The men say Sir ji has gone mad. Sir ji says that lookalike has done this. Gayatri asks Ronak to take Sir ji to his room. Bua says I think he lost his mental balance.

Ronak brings Sir ji to his room. He asks him not to worry and take rest. Muskaan goes downstairs. She says Sir ji wants to talk to family and called everyone in his room in ten mins. Sir ji gets shocked seeing his lookalike. He asks how did you come here, where is Ronak. Ronak shows the knife. Sir ji shouts and fights him. Everyone comes there with Muskaan. Ronak runs away. Sir ji gets knife in hand and comes to the door. Everyone gets shocked. Bua asks what are you doing. Lovely says he will kill us, run. Gayatri and Muskaan smile. Everyone runs downstairs. Sir ji shouts my lookalike, I will kill him. Ronak stops him. Sir ji says he has attacked me just now. Bua says you just asked us to ask for share and now you are scaring us.

Sir ji asks Gayatri to explain them. Ronak says there is no one. Sir ji says he was there, he came to attack me. Police comes. Inspector says we came to arrest Sir ji. Ronak recalls meeting inspector and giving his crime confession letter written. Ronak says you can come to arrest me after the party, I want to spend a day happily with my family, I m ready to surrender, I accept all my crimes. FB ends. Sir ji says I didn’t call the police, my lookalike is doing this, why don’t you understand this. Lovely says you can’t arrest my dad. Sir ji says no, yes, no, yes arrest me, I will be there, none will attack me, you will be with me, arrest me, take me. Bua asks what are you saying.

Ronak says if Sir ji thinks he will be safe there, then fine, we will get time to find a solution for this, what’s best for him. He asks Sir ji not to worry. Sir ji is arrested. Lawyer comes and says Sir ji needs medical treatment, just leave him free. Inspector agrees. Sir ji says I m fine here. Ronak asks him to come with him, there is no one. He takes Sir ji. Sir ji shouts leave me, nothing happened to me. He sees the mental patient. He shouts leave me, I m not mad. He shouts to Ronak. He gets an electric shock and gets dizzy. Muskaan comes and asks did you get the shock. He says leave me once and then see what I do. Muskaan says now you will know and get a bigger shock now. Ronak comes there in Sir ji’s avatar and smiles. Sir ji says this lookalike is your man, Ronak save me, he will kill me. Ronak removes the mask and shows his face. Sir ji gets shocked and sees the fake mask. Ronak throws the mask at him.

Ronak asks what happened, did your mind get freeze. Sir ji says you have cheated your dad for this girl. Ronak says you have cheated me and Gayatri, you are talking of trust, you did many sins, this punishment is very less. Sir ji says don’t come in Muskaan’s words, I m your dad. Ronak says I m ashamed that you are my dad, you have made me a stranger for your benefit, you played with my emotions and enjoyed, you counted favors on me, you are not a dad, not a sin. Sir ji gets shocked.

Muskaan says you tried to a lot to make me and Ronak away, everything for waste, truth protects the truth, truth ends lies one day, you made me dance a lot, you will now see Tandav like Lord Shiv did tandav to end evil, Ronak and I will do tandav in your life, you see here how your life changes. Sir ji stares at her.

Sir ji beats the men and runs away. Ronak says that man will have nothing left now, I will blast the brothel and make a school there, the school name will be Aarti kanya vidyalay.

Update Credit to: Amena

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