Muskaan 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan refuses to Ronak’s friendship

Muskaan 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak explaining Muskaan and asking her to smile. Sir ji comes home and stops Tabassum from leaving. He says Aarti is coming here, Muskaan won’t do anything that creates a problem for Aarti, don’t worry, will you go to her college to find her, Muskaan will not think anything. Rakhi praises Sapna. Sir ji asks them to go away and get the photo session done, Tabassum and he have to talk privately. Suzaine and Neha see Muskaan on the ramp. Suzaine says I m scared that we may get caught here, I m hopeful that Muskaan does well. Muskaan walks the ramp with the little girl and Ronak. Ankhon me teri….plays….

Muskaan thinks this stage has filled a new confidence in me. Ronak thanks everyone for their support and contribution. Ronak asks the driver not to cross the speed

limit and drop the kids safely. Muskaan meets the girl and hugs her. The kids leave. Muskaan gives the dress to Ronak. He asks her to keep it, she looked good in it. She says no, I can’t keep it. He says I can’t understand you. She says sorry for this, thanks for giving me real gift, the self confidence which you have given me. He says I don’t want thanks, but your friendship. She says I can’t have friendship with you. Ronak asks why, don’t I deserve it. She says no, its my helplessness. She goes. Suzaine says I m her Maasi. Ronak asks her did she send good after him.

Suzaine says no, her Nani has sent her. Ronak says she is a nice girl, tell me what’s the matter. She says give me the dress, I will give her, she won’t take it this way. He asks why. Suzaine takes the dress and goes. Dolly asks Ronak to wait till Muskaan becomes his friend. She gives him hope. Muskaan comes home. Sapna and Rakhi get taunting her. Tabassum looks at Muskaan. Suzaine says Muskaan has gone for shopping, she thought Tabassum can get angry. Rakhi asks how to know you are saying right or wrong. Suzaine says mum can know everything. Tabassum asks Muskaan to go to room.

Suzaine tells Muskaan that they will decorate the room as Aarti liked. Muskaan says it will be great. Suzaine says Ronak and you can become friends, I find his intentions good. Neha says yes, Muskaan would not refuse to his friendship if we weren’t there. Muskaan says no, I would have refused him, Tabassum gets him beaten up, I will have to bear it. She gets sad. Suzaine says I have a dream that you get married and have a family, you get a guy who takes you away from here. Ronak talks to his mum and says I couldn’t win a girl’s heart, I m missing you, come back, the girl turned down my friendship request. He cries. She says I m always with you, I will come to you very soon, till then take care of yourself and Dolly, don’t worry. Ronak cries for Muskaan. Hanumanth pacifies him. Ronak says Muskaan is different, she isn’t a common girl.

Tabassum drags Muskaan to Sir ji. She slaps Muskaan. Sir ji and everyone look on shocked when Tabassum shows Muskaan’s pic in newspaper.

Update Credit to: Amena

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