Muskaan 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan outsmarts Sir ji

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Muskaan 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying no, I will not open the door so soon, she should learn a lesson. Roshni says see she is such a lady, she always does this, she is troubling me. Ronak says yes, try to get the door opened. He answers Hanumant’s call. He says I will come soon. Roshni asks Muskaan to open the door. Muskaan says no. Ronak asks didn’t she open the door. Roshni says I have to go by window like a thief. Ronak asks does anyone go like this. Roshni says if she hears this, she will lock window also. Ronak says your hand or leg may break. Roshni asks him to go. Ronak says okay relax, I m going. Muskaan opens the door. She sees the car leaving. She calls out Roshni. Roshni asks are you finding me. Nisha and Gayatri see Ronak coming. Nisha says you didn’t call me back, don’t you worry for me. Ronak asks what’s the big deal, don’t worry for me, I told you. Nisha asks for whom will I worry then, you are my…. He says its late, I m feeling sleepy. Roshni jokes around. Muskaan thinks I have to change Roshni. Nisha thinks I have never asked wife’s rights, its time you accept me as your wife. She asks Ronak to have food. He sits to have food.

Its morning, Muskaan sweeps the floor. Roshni says free my hands, why did you tie me. Muskaan says this rope won’t open. Rani’s mum/Mami asks Nisha did Ronak come close to you. Nisha says he will come close to me when time comes, I have to change Khushi’s school. Mami asks will you ruin your life while waiting, Muskaan will take away Ronak, come with me. She takes Nisha to the locked room. She asks don’t you know about this room. Nisha says no. Mami says maybe this room has something related to Muskaan, even Gayatri didn’t tell you anything, ask Ronak about the room, go to meet principal and remove Khushi’s name from school, tell him that you took the decision as Khushi’s mum, don’t get scared of him. Nisha nods.

Muskaan says I will go to school by keeping you tied up, its my wish. Sir ji comes home and sees Roshni. Roshni says look at her, she is saying she will keep me tied. Muskaan thinks I won’t lose to Sir ji, I will do anything to save my girl. Sir ji asks how dare you tie her up. Muskaan stops him. Sir ji says she is holding my hand to stop me. Muskaan says sorry Babu ji, I tied up Roshni as police was catching some kids, we can’t take risk, if police raids your bar, Roshni will get into custody and you may go to jail, you are sensible, did I do right or wrong, if you don’t believe me, we will go and ask the hotel man. He thinks she is saying with confidence, maybe something happened. He says I believe you, I want Roshni’s betterment. Muskaan says of course, I will be here for Roshni, I won’t go to school, just for you.

Nisha thinks to take Khushi to school before Ronak comes. Ronak gets Khushi. He says I m taking Khushi to school. Nisha asks why. Ronak says Khushi likes the school and Mira Miss, I will solve the matter. Khushi says I won’t leave that school, promise me. Ronak says promise. Gayatri says let them go Nisha. Nisha says I will come along, I m Khushi’s mum. Mami says what will happen now, Ronak and Muskaan will meet, our lives will be ruined. Roshni says tell her school is a good place, she should go. Muskaan says no, its not good, else you would have come with me to study, right Babu ji. Sir ji thinks she is cleverly convincing me, I will agree to fool her that she won. He says you go to school. Muskaan says I won’t go by leaving Roshni alone. Roshni says I will come with you, but stay outside the class. Sir ji says fine, go and get ready. Muskaan opens the rope. Roshni goes. Sir ji says if you think you will brainwash Roshni, then you are mistaken, go anywhere, you can’t get saved. He goes. Muskaan says its impossible for you to keep an eye on me at the school, it will be big win if I keep Roshni away from you.

Principal praises Mira and calls her to the office. Muskaan comes. Ronak turns to see. Muskaan and Ronak look on shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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