Muskaan 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan dances on Sir ji’s demand

Muskaan 4th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Ronak to forget the past, Muskaan will never come back. Ronak says I can’t forget, she is my life, she is in my heart, I love her, how shall I accept someone else. She says you have to accept it, look at yourself, you made this wall which none can break and come to you, tell me something, would Muskaan be happy seeing you like this, her heart will be hurt, listen to me, I want your betterment. Muskaan gets ready. She thinks of the past. She thinks I have to come here again for the sake of my daughter. The men stare at her. Muskaan dances on O Saki saki….plays….

Roshni says I m not ready, why is the song playing. Sir ji says Muskaan is dancing, she said you can’t dance, she will dance. Roshni asks what. He says yes, she went on stage to dance. She asks how can she do this with me. He asks her to go and see. Roshni comes to Muskaan and sees her dancing. Sir ji says look at Muskaan, you always praise her. Roshni says how can Muskaan do this, she also cheated me like my parents. Sir ji says relations are waste, you shouldn’t make relations with anyone, Mira used to say dance is bad, now she is dancing. Sudha asks Muskaan why did she stop, she has to dance.

Sir ji says you have to see if Muskaan dances well or not. He says even Muskaan is dancing well. Roshni says no, she is bad like my parents. Nisha looks for Ronak. Ronak thinks of Nisha. He thinks Nisha is worrying for me like Muskaan, is this some sign that I m not able to understand, mum also thinks I should forget Muskaan and move on, but how shall I make Muskaan out, its not possible for me. Nisha says I will call and see, Ronak isn’t answering, why did he go out and where. Sir ji says I m going for some work, remember what I told you. Roshni says sure. He asks Sudha to take care, keep an eye on Muskaan, she likes to run. Sudha says don’t worry, she can’t go anywhere. Nisha says maybe Ronak went to meet principal. Rani’s mum says why would he go to meet her at night. Nisha says you are right. She comes to Khushi. She thinks Khushi and Ronak are my world, don’t make them away from me ever. Khushi wakes up and asks what’s the matter.

Nisha says you sleep, don’t know where did Ronak go. Khushi says I will call him. Nisha says no, he would be driving, don’t worry, sleep now. Nisha goes. Ronak comes to temple. Baba says Mata will listen to your prayers. Nisha cries. Rani says she may bring loss for us. Rani’s mum says I know it, come with me. Roshni asks the man to sit quiet else leave. The man says fine kid, sorry, I will sit, what’s your name. Roshni says my name is Roshni. Muskaan worries. Sudha says you finish the dance first. Muskaan says I m helpless to dance here, don’t think I m weak. Sudha says don’t argue. Muskaan scolds her. Sudha stops her. Muskaan says don’t threaten me of Babu ji, tell him that I took Roshni with me. Muskaan and Roshni leave. Sir ji comes. Sudha says I tried to stop her, but she left. He says let her go, I have trained Roshni, she will do what I want.

Muskaan says its enough now, you will do what I want, you will not go there. Roshni asks why. Muskaan says its not a good place, I m not your enemy, but your mum. Ronak comes downstairs. Sir ji is also at the temple.

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