Muskaan 4th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum burns the books

Muskaan 4th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti thanking the boy. She says you have written this letter, Muskaan would have written her name Musu. He says sorry. She says you will call me Maasi from today. He agrees. He says you have to listen to me, Muskaan would have written the same, promise me that you will stay happy and not get sad. She says I can’t promise, but I will try. He goes. Muskaan says I will study well, promise mumma, I will always smile, come back to me soon, we will read story books together. Suzaine and everyone look on and smile. Lumi says Muskaan didn’t doubt. Sujoy asks how will you study, Rakhi burnt your books.

Muskaan says don’t know but I will study because my mum told so. Tabassum takes Muskaan to the kotha. The man sees Muskaan and scolds her. She says you want to say that my mum dances and she is bad, then you are also bad, you also do bad work. Sujoy thinks I have to get books for Muskaan. He collides with the man and steals his wallet. He gets money to buy books. The man waits for Aarti to come for the dance. Aarti comes and says I have come just for the sake of my daughter, I m helpless. Suzaine and others perform on Dilbar song. A man catches Sujoy stealing and threatens of calling police. He gives some money to Sujoy. Sujoy says my friend wants to study, she has no books, I wanted to buy books for her, her name is….

Tabassum welcomes the man and treats him as VIP. He asks where is Aarti. Tabassum says she has gone mad, enjoy the function. Aarti dance son jhoom barabar…..A woman says I visit a temple every week, all the prayers are answered there, you can go and pray for your daughter, they know you won’t run away, but they don’t know that Lord will help us. Muskaan greets the client. Suzaine and everyone worry. The man asks who is this girl. Tabassum says her name is Muskaan.

Muskaan asks shall I get water for you. He says sure. She gets water for him. He goes to bless her. Tabassum stops her. Jaya says Tabassum is such shameless woman. Sujoy asks Muskaan to come with him. He takes her and shows so many books. She smiles and asks how did you get this. He says I have stolen money. She says very bad. He says but studies are good. Rakhi says you got Muskaan on right track. Tabassum boasts of herself. Muskaan says just these books are of my use, others are of adults. She thanks Sujoy and thanks him. He says I m happy to help you. Rakhi and Tabassum come there and burn the books. Tabassum scolds Sujoy. Muskaan cries.

Kids take Muskaan to the temple bhandaar. Aarti goes to the same temple. Aarti prays for meeting Muskaan. Muskaan is also close to her. Aarti turns to see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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