Muskaan 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan misleads Ronak

Muskaan 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Hanumanth following Muskaan. She stops at a stall to buy earrings. She wears earrings and sees mirror. She gets shocked seeing Ronak. She thinks to mislead them. She buys earrings and leaves. Ronak follows. Ghosh says I m preparing things for Muskaan’s birthday. Tabassum says right. Sapna asks where are my new clothes. Ghosh gives her. Sapna asks didn’t you get anything for Muskaan, don’t know she will come back or not. Tabassum says she will come, else we will get her, because she will stay here in the cage. Sapna says cage is open, don’t know where did your bird fly. Tabassum refuses. Ronak sees Muskaan and follows. Muskaan runs away. Ronak says she disappeared. He looks for her. He says is she really any magician.

Hanumanth says we can’t get her here.

Ronak says I won’t go empty handed. Hanumanth says we shall leave now, I m getting dizzy. Tabassum asks Suzaine to call Muskaan. Rakhi says Muskaan won’t come, maybe Sapna is right. Tabassum asks Ghosh to bring Muskaan and not let anything happen before her birthday. Muskaan comes home. She shows the earrings she has bought. She says I got late and my phone got off. Tabassum asks Sapna to buy things for them some day. Sapna says I don’t buy cheap things. Tabassum says she got this by love, its precious. She asks Muskaan to go and take rest, Sapna is jealous. Ronak gets hot samosas for Hanumanth.

Ronak sees the tea cup and recalls Muskaan. He adds cold drink in the tea, and drinks. Ronak says I will never give up. Muskaan tells Suzaine how she has misled Ronak. She says Ronak has written my name in fashion show. Hanumanth does the ramp walk. Jalwa….plays… Ronak kicks him and laughs. Ronak plays the other song and says I will become DJ now. He plays a romantic song and says Muskaan will walk on this song. Hanumanth asks what if Muskaan doesn’t come. Ronak asks him to say she will come.

Suzaine teases Muskaan. She asks her to do everything she wants. She supports her. Muskaan says you are right, I had fought big to go to college, I won’t get back because of one guy, I will go college and do ramp walk too. Tabassum comes to talk to Muskaan. She says a big thing will happen on your birthday, your mum is coming back. Muskaan asks what, my mum is coming back. Tabassum says yes, we have found her. Muskaan happily dances. She says I will get everything of her choice. Suzaine cries. Muskaan thanks Tabassum. Tabassum thinks we will get a price for our hardwork. She asks Muskaan to sleep. Muskaan runs to tell everyone that her mum is coming back. Aaj mai upar….plays….

Ronak asks is Muskaan coming. He says no one refused to me, I know she will come for sure. Hanumanth asks him to close eyes and count till 5, she will come if she has to. Ronak counts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ssharad and yesha are looking good….I like their pair…

  2. Plz anyone can tell when it was telecasted last night in star Bharat .some websites the whole episode can put before 9.30 ……timings are changed or what

    1. No. they didn’t change the timing…9:30 only they telecast…

  3. Plz anyone can when it was telecasted night on star Bharat ….3 rd October muskaan whole episode in some websites before 9.30 …is there any timings changed

  4. Gilltv is the name as per my information where you will get full episode before

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