Muskaan 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak saves Muskaan

Muskaan 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak and Sir ji arguing. Sir ji asks his goons to take Muskaan. He asks Ronak not to come between his business. Ronak says wait, I have something which can be useful for you. He shows Sir ji and Tabassum’s video. Sir ji asks Tabassum to do the worst with Muskaan, let her cry for her mum all life, I don’t care for her. Sir ji sees the video and gets shocked. Ronak sends the video to Gayatri. Sir ji says you can’t do this, Gayatri is your mum, she will shatter. Ronak says courage isn’t needed to say truth, you need courage to cheat.

Sir ji says this is happening because of you. Ronak says I didn’t do this yet, I have sent this to just Hanumanth, I can send you to mum, you can know what I can do, you won’t come in my way now, if you want this video to stop, then

don’t stop me and Muskaan, let us go, if dad is smart, then son is super smart. He takes Muskaan with him. Sir ji says if Gayatri is everything for Ronak, Muskaan also loves her mum a lot, Tabassum, if we have to keep Ronak away from Muskaan, we have to find Aarti at any cost. Ronak gets angry on Muskaan. He calls her foolish. She says he said he will find my mum, he was crying and apologizing, he said he will get my mum and send us away. He says you believed that Raavan, didn’t you know how Raavan cheated Sita, this Raavan was going to make you dance. She says he has sworn about you. He says the man who can cheat his wife can do anything, swearing doesn’t mean to him, I understand this, I m doing this for my mum, you are missing your mum, learn to trust me, I promised I will find your mum. She says sorry. He says don’t say sorry, else you will feel sorry for yourself later. She sees a lizard. She screams and hugs him. He sees the lizard and jumps on the bed. She laughs. He smiles seeing her.

They fall on the bed and have a moment. He says I have made lizard away. She jokes on him. He asks her to go and sleep. Its morning, Gayatri touches Sir ji’s feet and smiles. She wakes him up. He greets her. She shows newspaper and says one more noble deed of yours is known to world. He praises her. He thanks her for all the support. Someone knocks the door. Muskaan goes to open the door. Ronak stops her and asks did you go mad. He gets her bedding on the bed. He asks her to open the door now. He looses her hair. She turns to him. He acts to sleep. Muskaan opens the door. Gayatri gets in and wakes up Ronak. Gayatri asks Muskaan to wear the dress and come downstairs for mu dikhai rasam. She goes. Ronak says I have to find your mum, don’t be lost. He thinks did she miss her mum, how shall I find her mum, the thief is at home, I have to investigate at home, Sir ji knows something which he isn’t saying. Suzaine comes to meet Jaya.

She asks where is Aarti. She says I got a good news for you, a miracle happened. Aarti asks how is that girl now. Suzaine gets sweets. Aarti says Muskaan loves sweets a lot, stay here, I will get Muskaan. Suzaine says Muskaan got married. Jaya gets glad. Suzaine says Muskaan married Sir ji’s son Ronak, he is a nice guy, he loves Muskaan a lot. Jaya gets shocked. Suzaine says I m very happy, forget this, are you fine, if you need help, call me, take care. She goes. Jaya says if Sir ji knows Aarti is here, he won’t let anyone stay. Ronak comes to Sir ji. He hides truth from Gayatri. She asks him to become a good man like his dad, assist him in business. Ronak says yes right, I have taken responsibility of his business. Gayatri asks them to come downstairs. She goes. Ronak says Gayatri trusts you a lot, think if this headline changes into bad, what will happen, she trusts you and Muskaan too, mum may give keychain to Muskaan, you can say truth to her, else Muskaan will become your only bahu. He angers Sir ji. He asks did you see Muskaan’s mum. Sir ji says if I got her, I would have been your film’s director, when time gets in my favor, I will give you all the answers.

Ronak comes to room. Muskaan gets ready. He looks at her. He asks for Aarti’s pic. She sends him. He sends pic to Hanumanth. He asks him to try to find Muskaan’s mum, Sir ji is also finding her. Hanumanth asks him not to worry. Ronak says it will be done, we will find Aarti, you do my work, continue this drama. Gayatri comes and compliments Muskaan. She says you didn’t apply sindoor.

Gayatri does the rasam. Some men come and stop the rasam the man says we are Muskaan’s brothers. Sir ji smiles. The men take Muskaan. Ronak looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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