Muskaan 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti avoids Muskaan

Muskaan 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the man getting Aarti to come client. Aarti says please let me go, I can’t do this work. The man says stop, she is a new bird, you don’t worry. Client gives him money. The man says I will come in evening to pick her. He goes and shuts the door. Client stares at Aarti. The teacher asks Muskaan about her parents. Kids joke. Teacher says don’t say if you don’t want to, go and sit, I will teach you addition today. The girl helps Muskaan and gives her a book. Muskaan smiles. The girl drops the book and says pick it, you pick rags every day. Muskaan gets sad.

The client asks Aarti to get him a drink. She gives him drink. He asks what happened. She says I can’t do this work, please let me go. Muskaan solves the sum first. She shows blank paper. Teacher says you didn’t write anything. Muskaan answers. Teacher says amazing, clap for her. Muskaan smiles. She goes to play with kids. No one plays with her and calls her dirty girl. Boy makes her fall. Kids laugh. The client asks why did you come then. Aarti says those people…. The client says don’t act innocent. Aarti says I just know dance. She begs him to let her go. He says come with me. She says don’t do this with me. He says I didn’t pay to see your pain and tears, but to see your smile. Teacher helps Muskaan and asks who did this. Muskaan thinks if I say truth, no one will become my friend. She says sorry, I slipped and fell. Teacher says fine, be careful when you walk. She goes. Muskaan asks the boy not to worry, she won’t tell his name to anyone.

The man takes Aarti in the car. Muskaan leaves from school. She says no one wants to sit with me, its fine, I will make friends slowly, I wish mumma was here, she would have got happy. Aarti doesn’t see Muskaan. The man asks Aarti to come. They sit in the park. He asks what’s the problem, tell me fast. Aarti cries and says I m a dancer, I have a daughter, she is lovely, innocent, Muskaan.

Kids call out Muskaan. She meets her friends. She says I worked hard and fulfilled school’s dream. They get inspired by her. They give her flower bouquet. Muskaan thanks them. The boy says we also want to study. Muskaan asks them to come. Aarti says I tried to get my daughter, but failed, they know I love my daughter, so they make me do this by taking her name, I have never done all this and now …… She cries. The man says everything will get fine, trust me. Muskaan comes there and shouts mumma. Aarti and Muskaan run to each other. Aarti stops and thinks if Muskaan sees me with someone this way…. She runs back. Muskaan runs after her. Aarti sits in the car. The man asks what happened. Aarti says please drive soon. They leave. Muskaan shouts to her. Aarti cries seeing her.

Muskaan says I thought I knew her, they aren’t my parents, that aunty wasn’t my mum, else she would have not run away. She goes and thinks was he really my dad. The man stops the car. He says that girl is left far behind. Aarti cries. He says she was your daughter, why did you run. Aarti says what would I answer her, if she asked me about you, she would have insisted to come with me, where would I take her, my motherly love ran away, not me. She apologizes to Muskaan. He says don’t cry, calm down, I will drop you home. Muskaan comes home. Suzaine asks how was your first day at school. Jaya asks her to say. Muskaan says I saw mumma with uncle, is that uncle my dad. They worry.

A man tries to molest Aarti. She breaks a glass bottle and stabs the man.

Update Credit to: Amena

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