Muskaan 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets admission in school

Muskaan 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with VIP coming to meet Muskaan. He asks her to see jabelis and gifts he got for her. Muskaan says I didn’t like it. He asks why, tell me what you want, I will get everything. He promises her. Tabassum says this is his favor. He says its my duty, I will meet at night, make list of gifts and keep it ready. Muskaan says I don’t want gifts, I want books to study, if you are my Devta, then gift me education. Tabassum signs her to be quiet. Suzaine says yes, there is english medium school nearby.

He says no, I m afraid of English, but Muskaan can study if he wants. Muskaan smiles. VIP asks why isn’t her wish fulfilled. Tabassum says dancers don’t have rights to study. He says Muskaan has this right, as she has her Devta to bear her expenses. He gives money and says educate her, you can ask for more money, do everything that brings a smile on her face, I can pay any price for it. He says I will meet later, we will talk about studies. Muskaan thanks him. He goes. Tabassum thinks Muskaan will learn real lesson from me. Muskaan thinks I did what Aarti taught. She gets ready and says I will go to school again. Tabassum asks what’s happening.

Muskaan says I m ready. Tabassum says don’t tell anyone about your mum and us, else Aarti will be called a bad mum, just mind your own business, don’t talk much. Muskaan agrees. The man forcibly takes Aarti in the car. Tabassum gets Muskaan to the school. She says everyone knows you are ragpicker, your admission won’t happen here. The teacher sees Muskaan and asks what are you doing here. Tabassum says she needs admission here. The teacher says she is ragpicker, we can’t give her admission.

The teacher makes excuse. Muskaan says I was best student in old school, I can study. The teacher asks for documents. Tabassum says we don’t have anything, we have fees. Teacher says we can’t give you admission. Tabassum smiles and takes Muskaan. Muskaan sings there. She says I was taught this poem in old school, why can’t I study in school. Teacher says don’t make her do this drama to get admission. Principal stops Muskaan and says it was nice poem, you have right to study, I will give you admission, I m the principal, come with me. Teacher asks how can you do this, this girl is ragpicker. Principal says so what, everyone has a right to study. Muskaan smiles. Shweta tells the boy about Aarti’s bad fate. She prays for Aarti.

Tabassum asks Muskaan to show her bag, did she put everything. She throws Muskaan and books in the dirty mud. Muskaan cries. Tabassum asks her to go to class now and make sure that no one kidnaps her. Muskaan comes to class. Kids laugh. Teacher scolds the kids. Muskaan says my name is Muskaan. Teacher asks her about her parents, where she stays. Muskaan recalls Tabassum’s words.

Aarti says don’t know what’s Muskaan thinking about me. Muskaan says I saw mumma with a uncle, was he my dad? Suzaine worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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