Muskaan 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak wants to know Muskaan

Muskaan 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan making tea for Ronak. He smiles seeing her. He likes the tea a lot. She says won’t you follow me now, tell me. He jokes and says I won’t follow, but if I like, I will get you. She looks at him. He laughs. Suzaine asks Rakhi is she scared that Muskaan will elope. Rakhi says no way. Tabassum says I m afraid that Muskaan will fall in love, I want to keep her away from love, so that she doesn’t fall weak. Muskaan sees the wine bottle and says its a bad thing, you should leave it. Ronak says I also want to leave it, I want a reason. She says you will get a reason if you find. He asks her house address. He laughs and says I will just come. He gets tea for Hanumanth. Hanumanth comes and says you didn’t call to convince me. Ronak asks her to have tea made by Muskaan. Hanumanth

says a girl who makes good tea makes a good family, my mum used to say this. She says I will go. Ronak says thanks for making tea and coming to ask about us. He gives her purse. She leaves. He smiles. Aarti says I always think of Muskaan, I will find a nice guy and get my daughter married, a guy who always supports her and loves her a lot. She talks to jail inmates.

She says my daughter’s marriage will be grand. She laughs. Some boys come to meet Tabassum. Sapna asks the matter. They ask for dance for friend’s party. Sapna asks for advance. Tabassum says this time Sapna will dance. The boys agree. Sapna refuses and says you wanted Muskaan, then take her, now I want double charge. The boy asks did you get mad. Rakhi says yes, her dreams are expensive. The boy agrees and gives money. Tabassum smiles. Muskaan comes from college. Tabassum says its good you didn’t had class today. Muskaan goes. Suzaine looks on.

Muskaan looks ready. Suzaine comes to her. Muskaan tells her about Ronak, how Tabassum has sent goons to beat him. She tells everything. Suzaine asks what, he asked you to make tea. Ronak says she made so delicious tea, she is special. Hanumanth asks are you in love with that girl. Muskaan says love is sin here, how can I love that guy. Ronak says I can’t be in love, a guy gets mad and useless in love. Muskaan says I can’t be in love, I won’t let that happen. Ronak says I won’t let that happen, I just want to know that girl, who is different. Muskaan hugs Suzaine. Suzaine thinks you are different, you will fall in love, we dancers also have a heart which beats. Muskaan says I wish we had no heart. Ronak says I want to know her real heart, understood. Hanumanth smiles. Its morning, Principal meets Ronak. He says you do everything, except studies, no teacher likes you, but you have something special. Ronak says I know. Principal says we want to raise finds for cancer patients, just you can do this and arrange event for them. Ronak says it will be done. Ronak talks to students and tells them that they have to raise funds by organizing a ramp show in college. Everyone supports him.

He calls Muskaan and asks her to give her name. Muskaan says I don’t want to become part of ramp walk. He says we are doing this for fund raising for cancer patients. Ronak asks her to participate, she is beautiful like a model, she is class topper. She says I can’t do this. She leaves. He goes after her and asks what’s the problem, I will talk to your family. She cries and leaves. He says there is some matter. Hanumanth comes. Ronak says lets follow her, we shall know her house and speak to her family about her. Hanumanth asks him to think well. Ronak says we will know the matter, there is some secret, I will get it revealed today, lets go. They follow Muskaan. Hanumanth says this place looks bad, what is she doing here. Ronak says we have to follow her and know her address.

Ronak sees Muskaan entering the bad locality.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like this serial….

  2. Missing kasam and rishi singh bedi but dint knew sharad is part of this show .
    Hope the show is good, hard to accept yesha with sharad . Only kratika and sharad looks good

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