Muskaan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak and Muskaan trick Sir ji

Muskaan 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri calling Ronak. He doesn’t answer. She calls Muskaan and asks her to call Ronak and ask him to come home. Fake Sir ji sees the timer and leaves from there. Sir ji comes home and sees the auction happening in the house. He runs inside and asks what’s happening, you are selling my house, who dared to do this. He stops everyone. Bua asks what, you did the arrangements of the auction and questioning us. Sir ji gets shocked. Bua says you called the guests here. He asks did you go mad, why will I sell my house, this is my house, no one will sell it, I won’t let this happen. Ronak and Muskaan come. Ronak asks what’s Bua saying, Muskaan said you want to demolish brothel, fine, but why are you auctioning the house, fine if this is your work. Sir ji says I m not doing this, I don’t want to do this, someone is planning against me. Ronak says we are your family. Sir ji says I didn’t do anything. Ronak says relax, your mental state isn’t right, take rest. He asks the men to leave.

Bua says we got saved, we will go and prepare for Teej. Fake Sir ji comes to room. Sir ji wakes up and sees him. He gets shocked and says you are the one planning against me, I will not leave you. Fake Sir ji attacks him. Sir ji gets saved. The fake Sir ji runs out of the room. Sir ji runs after him. He shouts. Everyone comes and asks what happened. Sir ji says my lookalike is attacking me. Ronak comes and asks what happened, his mental state isn’t fine. He gets Sir ji to hospital. He says his mental state isn’t fine, he is shouting for help, he is saying someone will kill him. Doctor says he has a psychological problem, don’t worry, it happens because of stress, give him medicines on time. Sir ji says no, I m fine. Doctor says medicines are imp. Ronak says we will give him medicines silently, make him fine.

Ronak and Gayatri get Sir ji to his room. Sir ji sleeps. Ronak goes to Muskaan. They laugh. He recalls getting Muskaan to their room. Ronak hugs her and says forgive me for my mistake. She says don’t apologize. He says I shouted on you in front of everyone, I didn’t want you to tell anything in front of Sir ji. She says I can’t feel bad of your words, its okay. He says fine, tell me what’s the matter, no one will disturb. She says Ronak ji, I wanted to tell you that…. Sir ji is your real dad. He gets shocked. She says Sir ji is your biological father, during the serial killer case, we took everyone’s Dna sample, I got Sir ji’s sample from cigar tested, your and Sir ji’s Dna matched, this happens when…. Ronak says when there is blood relations. He cries and gets angry. He says what a man, who cheats own son, he counted favors on me and raised question on my identity to fulfill his motives, he is such a fallen man, I hate him. Muskaan says calm down.

He says I hate myself that I m his son, he isn’t true to anyone, he snatched my identity, existence, everything, I will use his identity against him, just see what I do, he has awakened the sleeping lion, Sir ji will himself do this now, he will lose his mental balance, he will go mad that he will get scared of his own shadow, it will be fun in the game. He goes to the make up artist. Muskaan shows Sir ji’s pic. Ronak asks can you make me like him. The man says why not, this is my work. Ronak says fine, I will change and come. He goes to change. Ronak wears Sir ji’s clothes and sits for the artificial look. The man makes a mask. Muskaan gets shocked seeing Ronak in Sir ji’s look. Muskaan says Ronak ji, you look like Sir ji. Ronak says now there will be fun. The man says this makeup will melt because of humidity and heat, it will stay for an hour, be careful. He gives the timer to Ronak. Ronak checks time and comes back in tension. The man says I will do the touch up, your secret won’t come out, its done. FB ends. Ronak smiles. Muskaan says everything happened as we thought. Ronak says yes, even tomorrow, it will happen as we thought on teej.

Muskaan points gun at Sir ji. Sir ji shouts on her. Muskaan says I will kill you and punish you today. Ronak comes in front of Sir ji and gets shot by her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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