Muskaan 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti reveals her background to Muskaan

Muskaan 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the women asking Aarti to have food. They taunt Aarti. Tabassum comes to meet Aarti. She praises Aarti’s dancing skills. Aarti hugs her. Tabassum says we both need each other, I know. Aarti says yes, I will agree to you, take me to Muskaan. Tabassum says yes, that’s why I have come. She shows her the video to Aarti. Aarti gets shocked.

Tabassum says you have hidden truth from Muskaan, but truth can’t hide for long. Aarti asks why did you do this, you broke Muskaan’s family, every relation matters to her so much. Tabassum says it will be easy if Muskaan understands this soon, if you stay here well, it will be good for her, you don’t know how low I can stoop. Aarti says I won’t listen to you now, I have done what you said, what did I get, my daughter’s bad future. Tabassum says she is alive, if you want her to breath, then do what I say. Muskaan studies. Rakhi snatches book and asks her to do the work. She dumps clothes and goes. Muskaan washes clothes.

Suzaine, Jaya and Lumi come to meet her. Muskaan says you aren’t my Maasi, I will do all work alone. Jaya says we are your Maasi. Muskaan says you are lying, its bad, mum will come back to me. Suzaine hugs her. Aarti says you won’t let Muskaan have any problem. Tabassum says you don’t do an drama now. She goes and tells the man that Aarti will do all the work with a smile on her face. Muskaan washes clothes. Sujoy comes to help her in work. He says I m your good friend, I want to become a friend in need. He washes clothes. Tabassum calls Muskaan. She shows Aarti’s video to her.

She asks Ghosh to add less spice in food today, as someone will cry without spice. Muskaan sees the video and cries. Aarti says I m really bad, I m a dancer, I earn money by dance, you just do as Tabassum tells you, you are brave daughter of brave mum, do this for me. Tabassum comes and takes the phone. She then gives the phone back. She asks her to watch the video again. She goes and says maybe Muskaan’s heart broke till now. Muskaan comes and says I know Aarti is a dancer and gets money for it. Rakhi says yes, she is not a supermumma. Muskaan says yes, she is superstar like heroines, mumma dances better than them, my dance teacher used to say that dance is best art, any art is like worship, good people do worship, my mumma is good and supermumma, I deleted the video, as it doesn’t have mum’s smile.

She talks innocently. Tabassum sends her. Suzaine and others look on. Tabassum asks Rakhi to use her brain, Muskaan didn’t feel bad, she will easily adapt this profession tomorrow. She goes. Suzaine says you have made Aarti relieved of a big burden by telling her truth to Muskaan, Aarti will become happy and strong, thanks Rakhi. Rakhi goes. Jaya says they are dreaming to push Muskaan in this bad mess. Aarti goes out and sees the bell ringing. The man says you think we are fools here, don’t think of running away. Aarti says I just want to meet my daughter once. The man says I have no daughter, don’t try to melt me. He goes. Muskaan does work. She gets her book and thinks of Aarti’s words. Rakhi snatches the book. Muskaan asks her to give book. Tabassum looks on and thinks to do something.

Tabassum asks Muskaan to meet some kids. Suzaine says this is Tabassum’s plan to make Muskaan away from studies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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