Muskaan 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gayatri supports Muskaan

Muskaan 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lovely asking Ronak to send Muskaan away. Ronak says I married Muskaan, I didn’t buy her, what’s the problem, even dad is ready to accept her as my wife, she is my wife and I don’t care for anything else, Singh also likes the society to which Muskaan belongs, his business is set up by that society. Sir ji looks on shocked. Ronak smiles and goes. Tabassum comes home angrily. She says Ronak got Muskaan. Rakhi asks didn’t Sir ji do anything. Tabassum says no one shoots his own son, Ronak is Sir ji’s son. Everyone gets shocked.

Hanumanth comes with sweets and says congrats. Dolly gets Muskaan to the room and asks how is it. Muskaan says like my dreams, I mean everything is really nice. Dolly asks how did this start, Ronak used to have food from your tiffin, when did

he fall for you, where were you till now. Ronak comes there. Dolly teases him. She leaves. Hanumanth says you all maybe worried for Muskaan, have the best laddoos I got. Tabassum says I m not happy seeing you. He says but you can eat the laddoos hearing about Muskaan’s marriage. They get shocked.

Tabassum asks Muskaan’s marriage. Hanumanth says yes, Muskaan and Ronak got married, till now grahpravesh would have happened, have sweets. Tabassum recalls Sir ji’s words. Suzaine asks is Ronak really Sir ji’s son. Hanumanth says yes. Suzaine asks about marriage. Hanumanth says yes, I think you are glad, everyone is shocked, you have sweets and celebrate. He goes. Suzaine smiles and asks Tabassum did she understand now, Muskaan isn’t made for brothel. She happily dances. Ronak says I told Sir ji that this is a fake marriage, if he doesn’t tell his truth, then this drama will go on, everything will end when he tells truth, you can return to your mum, away from me. Sir ji says you broke my heart and didn’t ask me before accepting Muskaan, you didn’t ask her family background.

He says I respect your decisions, so I have not thrown Ronak and Muskaan out of here, its our duty to explain Ronak. She says sorry, a mum overpowered a wife. He says I feel Muskaan trapped Ronak for money. She says you are saying as if you know that girl’s family, we are hurt by Ronak’s decision but we should forgive him, before it gets too late. She goes for puja. She goes to give a saree to Muskaan. Muskaan feels guilty. Bua asks how can Muskaan stay here, let me handle this matter. Sir ji looks on. He comes for aarti. Muskaan comes there. Gayatri takes her to temple and asks her to do aarti. Lovely objects. Ronak defends Muskaan.

Gayatri says Muskaan will do the aarti, its her responsibility being the bahu. Sir ji and others go. Muskaan asks Gayatri to do the aarti, its better she stays away. Ronak says yes, she is right. Gayatri insists and makes her do the aarti. Muskaan sings aarti and cries. Gayatri blesses her. Ronak says I will take Muskaan out. Gayatri says family should accept her. Ronak and Muskaan go for a trip. Muskaan asks why did you lie. Ronak asks her to have patience. Suzaine comes there and meets Muskaan. She hugs Muskaan and happily smiles. She asks how are you, are you fine. Muskaan nods. Suzaine asks are you happy in your married life, I m very happy for you, brothel girls never get lucky to get married, Aarti will be happy for you. Muskaan feels sorry to lie to her, since she has promised Ronak. Ronak says you told me that Aarti is safe, tell me where is she, I want to meet her. Suzaine says I wish I knew about her.

Sir ji says I did bad with you and Aarti, so I m seeing this day, I request you, leave from this city. Muskaan leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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