Muskaan 28th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak refuses to marry Muskaan

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Muskaan 28th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak saying we will face this together. Maalik asks Chamki to declare the punishment. Chamki says Ronak will be bashed up. Muskaan says no, just punish me. Chamki says Muskaan will be handed over to Dharam Singh as his wife to pay for his loss. Ronak says no one will touch Muskaan, its wrong, come in front, I m here. Dharam Singh says I accept this. Ronak says no one will touch her. The men catch Ronak. Maalik says now start Lakhan’s punishment. Ronak gets bashed up by the men. Muskaan shouts leave him, don’t beat him.

Maalik says Chamki you are selfish, they did a lot for you, you are just crying here, its wrong. Chamki says stop it, Muskaan is innocent, she is saying this to save me, I accept to become Dharam Singh’s wife. Muskaan shouts no Chamki. Maalik asks

sure. Chamki nods. Ronak gets beaten up. Maalik thinks I have succeeded, I kept Chamki in panchayat to take this punishment, I will make Muskaan helpless to accept defeat. Chamki says you did a lot for me, I have to help you.

Maalik signs to panchayat. The man says fine, we punish Chamki, Dharam Singh can take Chamki as his wife. Maalik signs Amma. Amma says Muskaan, this guy will die because of you, you are just seeing this. Ronak says don’t listen to anyone, go from here. Dharam Singh takes Chamki. Ronak goes to save Ronak and Chamki. The men catch her. Muskaan says stop it, don’t you have courage to raise voice against wrong, is everyone a coward. She goes to Maalik. She folds hands and says I lost, please stop them. Ronak says no, don’t fold hands to Maalik. Maalik says tell again. She says you have won, please stop them from beating Lakhan. Maalik signs the men to stop. He signs Dharam Singh to leave Chamki. Ronak says no, you can’t do this.

Maalik says I told you, you both will kneel down in front of me. He asks the people to see Muskaan’s state. He says you all can see what will happen if woman raises a voice, if a man’s hand gets away from woman’s head, then her state will be same. Ronak prays to Devimaa. Collector Saaho comes there and asks what’s happening here, are you fine Muskaan. Maalik says Muskaan called panchayat for declaring a decision, she has chosen her life partner. Collector asks is this true. Muskaan says yes, I chose my life partner, like I wanted, a person who makes me feel safe and happy, who always supported me. Collector asks who is he. Maalik smiles. Muskaan shows Ronak. Maalik and everyone get shocked. She says Lakhan ji. Muskaan says its first time that Maalik called men and women together for Navratri puja, I want to do puja with Lakhan. Collector says you have done good thing Maalik. She asks Lakhan and Muskaan to do puja together. Muskaan holds Ronak’s hand and takes him. They pray together. Muskaan thinks its our first win. They do the aarti. Dharti par tu…plays…. They take the aarti for Maalik.

Muskaan asks Bua and Bunty to take aarti. She says I have a request, I have chosen Lakhan as my life partner, get us married soon. Maalik says listen to me, this marriage can’t happen. Saaho asks why. Maalik says Lakhan has no interest in marrying her, he is helpless to agree, will Muskaan decide, Lakhan told me that he respects Muskaan, he wants to protect her, just a servant does this work, Lakhan is Muskaan’s servant, he won’t marry Muskaan without love. He holds Ronak angrily. He says listen to me, if you say yes for this marriage, I will kill both of you, if you love your life, then refuse for the marriage. Saaho asks Ronak is this true, don’t you want to marry Muskaan. Ronak says its true that I work for Maalik, its my duty to protect his people, but its true that I don’t love Muskaan. Muskaan cries.

Maalik sees the chain and recalls. He stops Muskaan and checks the chain. Muskaan says give it to me, its Ronak’s last sign. Maalik gets shocked joining the lockets.

Update Credit to: Amena

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