Muskaan 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan warns Ronak

Muskaan 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak waiting in the college. He sees Muskaan coming. She ignores him. He sees her bangles and recalls the dancer. He thinks she is wearing similar bangles. He stops her and holds her hand. She gives him tiffin. He asks where were you last evening, did you wish to dance, give me the bangles. She asks what. He says I will take it myself. He removes her bangles. She gets hurt and cries. He says you should have given it to me when I asked. She removes all the bangles and gives him. He throws the bangles away. He says I have seen a dancer wearing this yesterday, if anyone sees this with you, they will think you are a dancer. She says hand has fate lines, I have both bangle and books in my fate. He asks her not to become a dancer, but make a guy dance, you can find someone. She says

I m fine as I m.

He says yes, so I asked you to wear good things. She says maybe dancers have such helplessness. He says really, you sympathize them, I get hurt when their ghungroos, the day you know their truth, your belief will break. She thinks I know their truth well. He asks her to give tiffin. She gives him. She goes. He picks a bangle and breaks it. Dolly asks did Ronak take your tiffin again. Muskaan goes. Ronak asks where is my tea. Hanumanth says you go and have it, you should have not broken the bangles. Ronak says the bangles looked like of a dancer, Muskaan shouldn’t wear it. Dolly comes and scolds him. She asks why did you make Muskaan sad. Hanumanth says Ronak broke her bangles to save her from insult. Ronak says its not good for any guy to see a girl in a bad way. Dolly says when she goes home, her parents will ask about her parents, what will she answer, you are a guy and don’t know anything, you are stupid. She goes. Ronak gets thinking.

Sapna and Suzaine compete and do makeup. Tabassum taunts them for show off. She asks Suzaine to get costly makeup for Muskaan. She asks Sapna to help Ghosh in work. Ronak sees Muskaan leaving. He runs after her. He stops the rickshaw. He asks where are you going. He asks her to buy banges. She says I don’t want. He says Dolly explained me that there can be a scene in your house. She says I don’t want. He makes her wear pink bangles. Suzaine comes there and looks on. Muskaan gets hurt and pushes Ronak. The bangles fall away. Muskaan says I don’t want to wear bangles, let me go. Ronak stops her and says I just want to help you. Muskaan says I don’t want any help, what’s this joke, open your eyes and see, everyone is looking at me, what do you want, you always trouble me, your help suffocates me. Ronak gets shocked. Muskaan says no one is my friend, I don’t want such friendship, I have come to study here, if you want to help, let me go. She leaves. Hanumanth asks Ronak to come. Suzaine also leaves. Ronak thinks of her words. Muskaan comes home. Suzaine asks where did your bangles go. Muskaan lies that she fell down.

Suzaine says you are lying well, this guy was Ronak right. Sapna hears them. Muskaan says yes, he is the same guy, I had to lie to you, don’t know what he wants. Suzaine says what does he want. Tabassum checks arrangements. Rakhi says Muskaan doesn’t know this is going to happen. Tabassum says tell her that every girl’s 21st birthday is her first day at kotha. Sapna says Muskaan is planning to marry her lover. Suzaine says Tabassum shouldn’t know this, she is mad, she can do anything. Rakhi asks Tabassum to control Muskaan. Tabassum says one who is supporting her should be punished. She asks Ghosh to send goons and get Ronak beaten up.

Muskaan learns someone has beaten up Ronak and Hanumanth. Muskaan meets Ronak and asks her not to follow her, her family is dangerous. He holds her hand and gets her inside the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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