Muskaan 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sir ji learns Muskaan’s truth

Muskaan 25th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nisha taking care of Ronak. Ronak says I will drop Khushi to school. Khushi says no, get fine first. Nisha says I will go and drop Khushi, don’t you trust me. Hanumant says I will go along. Gayatri says let them go Ronak. Ronak says fine, they can go. Rani says Nisha has got sympathy of Ronak and Gayatri. Bunty asks her to take Muskaan’s name and make Nisha insecure, so that she vents anger, Ronak will get away from Nisha, have patience, our time will wait, we will end the sweetness between Ronak and Nisha.

Khushi gets ready. She comes to Ronak. He says sorry, I can’t drop you today. Hanumant says its fine, I will drop her. Ronak says I will drop her inside the class, we will go, you take rest. Muskaan gets Roshni to the school. Roshni says we will sit in the park. Muskaan says fine, sit here and study, don’t fight with anyone. Roshni says I don’t like to fight. Muskaan says I will inform principal that you are here. Muskaan teaches Roshni. Roshni says I didn’t understand anything. Muskaan explains again. Roshni asks her to just go now. Muskaan says how shall I save her from Roshni, whatever work she does for him is wrong. Sir ji says go and get Roshni, I want to meet her. The man calls someone and says tell Roshni that Babu ji is missing her. He says Roshni went somewhere with a woman. Sir ji asks who is this woman, with whom is she staying, find out. The man says fine. Sir ji says I want to meet this woman today.

Roshni studies. The kids laugh. Principal doesn’t like it. Muskaan says I m sure she will study slowly, she is a kid, she is learning, give me a chance, please. Principal agrees. Roshni says I was thinking to study and teach the kids, I think I made a big mistake. Muskaan says Roshni, we should study in heart so that others don’t get disturbed. Roshni asks how. Muskaan shows her to silently read. Roshni says I understood, maybe. Muskaan says promise principal that you won’t study aloud. Roshni says fine, I won’t call anyone, if anyone comes, I will make them go away with love. She apologizes to principal. She says I will try to study. Muskaan promises the principal. The principal says its her last chance. Nisha thinks Ronak accepted me as Khushi’s mum, he will accept me as his wife too. She smiles. Khushi says we got late already. Nisha takes her in. Roshni asks Muskaan to go and teach the kids. Khushi praises Mira Miss. The man gets Muskaan’s details. Sir ji checks the files. Khushi goes to the class and calls out Mira Miss. Nisha gets shocked seeing Muskaan. Sir ji checks Mira Bose’s file. He gets shocked seeing Muskaan’s pic.

He thinks what will Muskaan do now to get saved from me. Muskaan greets Khushi and Nisha. She says your daughter is very lovely, I can see your good upbringing by your habits and manners, I heard a lot about his dad, he cares for her a lot, she is always punctual. Khushi says my dad fell down the stairs, so I got late, mum and uncle came to drop me today. Muskaan asks how did your dad fall down. Khushi says his leg got twisted. Muskaan says tell him to get well soon. Khushi says you come home with me and meet everyone. Nisha says Mira Miss will have much work, how can she come home. She gets shocked seeing Hanumant coming. She thinks if Hanumant sees Muskaan, he will tell Ronak, my life will be ruined.

Muskaan comes home to meet Khushi. Khushi runs to her. Muskaan says you said I should come and meet everyone, I have come. Khushi calls out everyone. Muskaan and Ronak get shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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