Muskaan 25th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Inspector Shantanu takes the murder case

Muskaan 25th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajal joking on her crimes and laughing. She says Ronak didn’t tell me the truth, thinking I will be in trauma. She calls inspector Shantanu and says I m Gayatri Singh, Tirat’s wife, I heard a lot about you, you solve big crime cases, I have called you regarding a case, my family is attacked. Shantanu goes to the morgue and sees the dead bodies. Gayatri tells about Kajal’s parents’ murder. Shantanu sees Mrs. Sinha. Rajni and Sharma’s bodies. He says don’t worry, I will see. Gayatri says I m sure, Shantanu will succeed in catching the culprit. Ronak gets hurt. Muskaan runs to him. Ronak says I m hurt seeing Gayatri’s blind faith on Sir ji. He says I told mum that Sir ji is cheating us, but she isn’t agreeing. He gets sad and cries.

He says Gayatri will break down when her faith breaks, I love her a lot, she doesn’t trust me, do you trust me. Muskaan says I completely trust you. He says why is mum not believing me. She asks him to have hope. She says when I lost mum, I had a hope that I will meet her, you came in my life and fulfill my hope, you have always helped me, I will become the best student by having hope, you also keep hope and then things will be as you want, don’t cry, one day your family will trust you, its my belief. He holds her hand. They go to see Kajal when servant tells them. Kajal says I want to meet my parents. Ronak makes excuses and says you can’t meet them right now. Kajal says no, I want to meet them, we will be going to meet them today. She thinks to trap Kajal.

Shantanu goes to the hotel room and enquires about the case from a waiter. He checks the hotel room well and tries to get the clues. He goes to check the CCTV footage. Kajal says we will leave right now. Kajal gets hyper and scolds them. Muskaan asks her to calm down. She shouts your parents are no more, sorry to give you this news in such a manner. Kajal angrily catches her neck. Ronak looks on. He stops Kajal. Kajal screams and faints down. They help Kajal and put her on the bed. Muskaan calls the doctor. Kajal asks for water. Muskaan goes. Shantanu gets the CCTV footage. He says I will start interrogation with Kajal. Ronak says Muskaan, you should be with Kajal. Kajal goes missing. They hear some sound from washroom. Ronak asks her to open the door.

Shantanu comes there to meet Kajal. He says I m inspector Shantanu from crime branch. Muskaan says Kajal has locked herself inside, she isn’t listening to us. Shantanu asks Kajal to open the door. He break the door and goes inside to check. They don’t see Kajal. Gayatri asks did anyone kidnap her again. Ronak says I will go and see. Shantanu says wait, I will inform, I need to tell you something. He asks the team to find out Kajal. The police searches for Kajal. Shantanu asks Gayatri what all happened. Gayatri tells everything about Mrs. Sinha’s decision. He takes everyone’s statement. He says if one of you is behind this, then have fun, I will clear this case like water in some time. He gets a call. He leaves. Gayatri says why is this happening with Kajal. She cries and asks Sir ji to find Kajal. Police finds Kajal and informs Shantanu. Shantanu says I m reaching there. Kajal is found injured.

Kajal calls Ronak and Muskaan her mum and dad and kisses them. Everyone gets shocked when she behaves like a kid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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