Muskaan 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets caught

Muskaan 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan trying to run away and taking unconscious Sapna with her. She takes Sapna on the cart. Shweta consoles Aarti. She asks what can we do. Aarti says I m going to do something. She asks Shweta to support her. Shweta agrees. Aarti eats food. She acts to have nausea. She goes to washroom she says I have to do something that they don’t follow me. She tries to leave from the window. Shweta says Aarti is very weak. The girls keep an eye on Aarti and ask her to open the door. The man comes and asks what’s happening here, who is inside, Aarti open the door. Aarti runs out of the window. They all slip by the soap water. The man holds Aarti’s feet. She kicks him and runs away. Muskaan asks Sapna to get up, she can’t manage to drag the cart further. She thinks to save Sapna some how. She sees the goons coming and hides. She acts to save Sapna. The goon sees her and follows. Muskaan then hides at some corner. She throws sand at him and runs.

Rakhi asks Sir ji to do something. Sir ji scolds Tabassum. He says this happened because of you, you are not alone in this business, others know how to protect innocent girls. He gets a call from Chadda and asks the news. He asks Chadda to keep finding the girls till they are found. He says we will see how anyone hides them. Rakhi cries. Muskaan sees the goons and runs away. Aarti goes to police station to file a complaint. The inspector makes fun of her and says you are a dancer, maybe she has gone to dance too. He asks Aarti not to worry and not worry them, have patience. Aarti says she is 7 year old little girl, do something, else…. She cries. Inspector asks what will you do, any drama? He laughs and insults her. He says I m a dancer, is police not for my help, you should be ashamed, shut this police station. Sir ji calls inspector and asks him to find the girls. Inspector agrees. He goes to find Muskaan and Sapna. The brothel women come there and try to take Aarti along. Inspector asks the women to leave. Police tries to find the girls.

The goons surround Muskaan and ask where is the other girl, tell me. Sapna wakes up and calls her out. Muskaan says run away, else they will catch us. Sapna gets shocked. The goons try to catch her too. Sapna runs away. She comes home and hugs Rakhi. Tabassum asks where is Muskaan. Sapna says she is with those uncles, Muskaan took me there and said she will find Devta for me. She frames Muskaan. Rakhi gets angry and says Muskaan did all this. Suzaine says this can’t happen, Sapna is lying, Muskaan can’t do this. Sujoy says Muskaan can’t do this, she is a good girl, don’t lie. Sir ji says we will know it when Muskaan comes back, if you did mistake, you will get punished, can you show me that place. Sapna nods.

Muskaan gets sold to someone. Aarti tries to find Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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