Muskaan 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ronak promises Muskaan

Muskaan 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji trying to hide his face from Shalu. He falls in the pool. Everyone gets shocked. Gayatri asks how did you reach there. They ask her to come out, he will catch cold. Shalu sees him and gets shocked. Gayatri asks Ronak to save Sir ji. Ronak says don’t worry, he knows swimming, he will come out. Dolly throws a ring. Sir ji holds that and hides his face. Ronak sees Sir ji seeing Shalu. Sir ji comes out. Ronak says this got stuck in your neck, come on leave this. He removes the floater ring from his neck. Gayatri gets a cloth to dry him. Sir ji hides his face again and says I didn’t know what to do and jumped into pool. Ronak says doctor said he will behave mad by the effect of medicines. Gayatri asks them to go with their Bua, she will get Sir ji. Everyone goes. Sir ji looks around.

Ronak asks where is Sir ji, who doesn’t get scared of anyone, he gets much angry, is that you….Muskaan comes to call Ronak. He says no one can save you Sir ji and goes. Muskaan cries. Ronak asks the reason. She says I have always lived in fear since childhood, I have seen Sir ji in fear today, I feel free and happy today. She dances happily and asks Ronak to pinch her hand. He does so. She I wanted to see if all this is a dream. He says its reality. She says I m scared for this, I shouldn’t think negative when I m with you. Ronak promises that he won’t let her lose her smile.

Bua comes to Sir ji and asks him to have food. He says get food for me in the room, go now, close the door. Jaya asks Muskaan if she really wants Shalu with her. Muskaan says yes. Jaya asks why are you two sleeping away. Muskaan tells how Ronak saved her all the times.

Ronak comes to room and says you here… Muskaan says Jaya came to give Shalu’s bag and was asking why I sleep on couch. He taunts Jaya for interfering in others’ personal life. He says no one is torturing Muskaan here. Jaya goes. Ronak asks Muskaan why is she saying everything to Jaya, she was with Sir ji for 14 years. Muskaan says she is my Jaya Maasi, my aunts always saved me from Nani, I can trust her. He says I can’t trust her. He asks her not to believe Jaya. He goes out. Gayatri says I got soup for Sir ji. Ronak says Shalu will feed him. Sir ji sees them and hides in washroom. Sir ji refuses to come out. Ronak asks him to just come, soup is waiting. Sir ji wears monkey cap to hide face and comes out. Ronak looks at him.

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