Muskaan 24th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Maalik wins Muskaan

Muskaan 24th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maalik saying none can know Muskaan is here. He sends Inder for the fight. Ronak looks on. He sees Muskaan and the girl crying. He gets angry. Inder loses. Ronak comes ahead to see the fight. He thinks even police is with them. He sees a man coming. The man says I will also fight for this girl. The sarpanch says you aren’t from Vidhangarh and Devinand, who are you. The man says I m from far village, I got to know this and came to fight. Maalik and Hukum shoot him down. Hukum asks the men to take the man away. Ronak thinks these people are dangerous, they will shoot me down, I have to do something. Maalik says inform all the villages, that none will get between us.

Ronak hears the villagers talking about their enmity. He thinks Muskaan don’t worry, I have come, I will take

you from here. He gets a call. Gayatri asks how are you, did you find Muskaan. He says yes, I found her, she is here in Raavan’s lanka, your Ram will get his Sita home, just take car,e I will talk later. Maalik goes for the fight. He wins and asks is there anything else. The wrestler from Hukum’s side comes. Maalik laughs. He fights the man and wins. He asks Hukum to come and fight. Hukum says take the girl, I don’t want to fight you and make you Ram, the girl is yours. Sarpanch says now this girl is of Maalik. Muskaan cries. She asks Maalik to leave her. Inder asks Ronak who is he. Ronak says I was passing by. Kuldeep asks him to leave. Maalik gets Muskaan home. He asks his men to leave. He says this is your house now, stay as you want, no one will tell anything. He leaves her hand.

Muskaan asks really, this word ‘wish’ doesn’t suit you. Maalik asks Amma to see what he got for her. Amma sees Muskaan and smiles. She asks did you get them for me, say the truth, you got them to end your loneliness. Maalik says no, I got them for you. She says I will talk to them for few days, you know the village guys are dying to marry girls, get these girls married soon. Muskaan thinks where are you Ronak, please save me from this hell. Maalik says I will decide their fate, I will decide whom they marry on right time, you teach them the customs. Amma says its Janmashtami tomorrow, their life will have a new start.

Amma takes Muskaan and the girl. Maalik says I have already told you, this matter should be between us. He asks Kuldeep to have patience and wait for right time. Kuldeep doesn’t understand. Amma says this room is yours, you will get food and water here. Muskaan says please, help us, they kidnapped me and got me here, let me go, everyone would be waiting for me, my family, please I m married. Amma says I can’t find your husband anywhere. Muskaan says he is in Kolkata, please let me go. Amma says enough, forget your husband, you will be Maalik’s property now. Muskaan cries. The man says Maalik asked us to be alert, no stranger should be seen here, just shoot him. Ronak looks on and thinks how to reach you now Muskaan.

Muskaan sings O palan haare…… Ronak looks on from far. Maalik smiles hearing her sing the bhajan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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