Muskaan 22nd September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji and VIP strike a deal

Muskaan 22nd September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rakhi taking Sapna’s class. She says you have everything what Muskaan has, but you have wine too, which Muskaan doesn’t have, so Muskaan is Muskaan. She asks her to leave wine and not worry, VIP will take Muskaan in some time, then you will rule here, just go and bond with her, listen to me. She takes Sapna. Muskaan says I didn’t wish that to happen, I just want my mumma, better love yourself than hating me. She goes. Ronak asks why did Muskaan come. He rags some students. He goes to see.

Muskaan says I will go to college. Tabassum taunts her for being a brothel dancer. Muskaan gets silent. Tabassum says I m glad that you have learnt pleasing people. Muskaan says I will learn what you teach me, don’t stop me from studying, I won’t let anything happen to my beauty,

please let me go. Tabassum gives her money and asks her to buy sunscreen for herself. Suzaine asks is everything fine. Tabassum asks what do you mean. Suzaine says you aren’t stopping Muskaan today.

Tabassum says yes, she performed well last night, now none can stop her. Muskaan goes. Sir ji comes and asks did Muskaan go, its good you have sent her out, I don’t want Muskaan’s deal to happen with VIP. Suzaine gets angry and goes. Sir ji says I will get benefits for us. Sapna gets tea for him. He asks her to behave well to become queen of everyone’s dreams. Tabassum says don’t know where she is at night, she gets drunk. Sir ji asks Sapna not to repeat Rakhi’s mistake. He advises Sapna.

Sir ji asks her to know feeding wine to others, than getting drunk. Sapna tells Rakhi that Sir ji told. She says I m thinking to feed wine to Muskaan, so that everyone spits on her. Rakhi laughs and says your thought is good, but Muskaan has no bad habit of drinking. Sapna says I can still feed wine to her, just see what I do. VIP comes home. Sir ji welcomes him. VIP says I have come to do final deal of Muskaan. Sir ji says we will have a deal, you also like profits. VIP says things aren’t as they appear. Muskaan comes to college. Ronak smiles seeing her. She says I have to go and study, let me go please. Ronak asks her to pay tax first. He takes tiffin from her. He asks her to go. He eats the food and likes it. Dolly asks them why are they teasing the simple girl. Ronak says I did this to get homemade food. She asks him to come home. He says I won’t come home. She says leave following her, look at your face. He says I m better than yours, when is mum coming. She asks him to call and ask. Ronak says I won’t have her scolding, its better to have Muskaan’s tiffin. VIP says I don’t think your intentions are good. Sir ji says we will have a middle way, we did business and got loss, you take all your money back and Muskaan will be ours. VIP asks what nonsense, I have waited for this moment, you want to buy it. Sir ji says no, I want to sell it, when Muskaan is 21 year old, she will dance, I will call rich people of the city, I invite you for the grand celebrations, you can come and take your Muskaan, I do wrong things but in a right way, do you accept the deal. VIP looks on.

Sapna says I have made sweet lassi for you, have it. Muskaan drinks it. Sapna thinks I will see where my arrow strikes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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