Muskaan 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sir ji finds a solution

Muskaan 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni and Kajal scolding Ronak. Kajal refuses to forgive Ronak for this, She leaves with her parents. Ronak thinks today Sir ji has hurt mum a lot, and gave me pain. Sir ji thinks the game just started and now I will play this with my competent. Ronak thinks I will never let my truth come out. Gayatri sees Muskaan crying and consoles her. She asks Muskaan not to lose courage, broken relations also join. She asks Muskaan to go to her room. Muskaan says this isn’t happening right, we are hurting mum. Ronak says she is my mom, not yours, I will do anything to expose Sir ji, I know how to handle the situation. She says I can’t do this, I request you, help me in finding my mum, compel Sir ji to admit truth, get rid of this deal and me, I can’t see Gayatri in sorrow. Gayatri comes and asks her what can’t she see. Ronak says she said she can’t see you in sorrow, I explained that you are strong.

Gayatri says there is some happiness in this tension, you will understand this when you become parents. She gives the fixed mangalsutra to Ronak. She asks him to make Muskaan wear it. He says we don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Muskaan makes an excuse. Ronak says don’t worry, I will make Muskaan wear this. Gayatri goes. She hears Ronak asking Muskaan to wear it on own. She comes to Sir ji. She says you would be thinking that I should have believed pandit’s evidences, not Ronak, I have a solution, we should get Ronak and Muskaan married, so that no one needs proof again, will you support me. He goes. She says I know you aren’t understanding me today, I know you will support me. He visits Jaya. He gets angry on Shalu. Ronak hears Muskaan laughing and goes to see. Gayatri shows Ronak’s childhood pics to Muskaan. He asks what are you showing her.

Gayatri says she should know about you. She asks them to rest, she will go and sleep. Jaya asks what happened, why so much anger, you made Shalu cry today, fine don’t say, but you don’t make the problem so big, you may find something good if you change your perception. She goes to make drink. Muskaan calls Ronak a joker. He says you are calling hero as joker. They fight for the album. They fall on the bed and have an eyelock. He says my neck got stiff. Sir ji recalls Jaya’s words. He smiles and takes the drink. He thinks thanks Jaya, you really gave me a hope.

She says I will make this fine. Ronak asks are you some magician. She says sorry, see how I make your pain fine. She teases him. She twists his neck and relieves his pain. He smiles and says you are doctor Muskaan. She says you are a coward. He says fine. He scares her. She falls back. He holds her and says you will fall down, you are weak. They argue. Sir ji calls them. Sir ji tells about Ronak’s marriage. Ronak thinks its Dolly’s marriage. Gayatri says no, its your marriage. Ronak gets shocked. Sir ji nods. Ronak asks what. Gayatri says your and Muskaan’s marriage will happen with all rituals infront of everyone.

Gayatri keeps fast to convince Ronak. Sir ji asks Ronak to throw out Muskaan and tell truth to Gayatri.

Update Credit to: Amena

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