Muskaan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sapna gets Muskaan caught

Muskaan 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti getting troubled by the owner, who reprimands him for not dancing. He threatens her about sending her to someone else every night. Aarti cries and says no, I can’t do this, I will do whatever you say. She gets dizzy. The man asks them to make Aarti fine. Muskaan picks the rags. Sujoy comes to help her. He tells the idea that he will pick the rags till she studies. She says how, master will make me run. He says Lord gave me this idea, go now. She asks really, I will study and teach you also. He says fine, you don’t beat me now. She agrees. He sends her to school and says she will study well now, I will do her work. Muskaan looks into the class and learns maths.

Rakhi does hair massage to Tabassum. Sapna comes and says Sujoy isn’t with me. Sujoy comes home with dirty clothes. They get shocked seeing Sujoy. Rakhi says whatever happens, I won’t let him ruin my name. Sujoy asks Sapna to come with him to play. Rakhi says stay away from Sapna, what’s these clothes. Sujoy thinks Sapna won’t come to play with me now. He holds Rakhi and says its just mud. Rakhi asks him to go and bath. He recalls applying the mud to trick Rakhi. Rakhi scolds him.

Aarti cries and says I can’t do this work. The man asks is this your final decision. She says yes, forgive me. The man says think once again. She says I will die, but I can’t do this. He asks her to shoot herself, then she won’t need to go anywhere. She takes the gun. Shweta asks her to listen. The man says think what will happen of your daughter, what will people make her do, you won’t be there to save her. Aarti cries and thinks about Muskaan. The man asks her to decide. Aarti says I don’t want to die, I will kill this man. The man asks did you go mad. Aarti cries and shoots the empty fire. The man says I m happy with your courage, so I m giving you a chance to live. He takes the client away. Aarti cries. Sujoy hugs Muskaan and they dance. Muskaan says I have got something for you. She shows the drawing and calls him her savior. She thanks him for help. Rakhi comes. Sujoy changes the topic. Rakhi says you will become Muskaan’s slave, come with me.

Rakhi and Sapna see Muskaan and Sujoy. Rakhi asks Sapna to go after Muskaan and find out where is she going, keep an eye on Sujoy too. Sapna follows Muskaan. Sapna sees Muskaan studying and gets shocked. Sapna comes home and asks Rakhi and Tabassum to come fast. Muskaan gets shocked seeing them.

Muskaan says I want to study. Tabassum asks her to dance for 4 hours.

Update Credit to: Amena

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