Muskaan 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan exposes Sir ji’s truth

Muskaan 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sir ji enjoying the dancer’s performance. Gayatri tells Bua everything and says I have to go. Bua says I can’t believe this, I will come along. Lovely says I will also come. Lovely tells this to Dipendra. Sir ji dances with the girl. Ronak says Dipendra you stay back and handle the guests. Gayatri leaves with everyone. Tabassum says there is double surprise for you. Sir ji says no, I have to leave. Tara asks her to be with them for his last night, have more fun before leaving. She flirts with him. Ronak comes there to the brothel when his family. He goes to see Sir ji. Sir ji has Tara in his arms.

Two girls come on the stage with veil over the face. Ronak shows Sir ji to Gayatri. Everyone is shocked to see Sir ji’s real side. He sees them and is shocked too. Gayatri shows Muskaan by lifting the veil. Sir ji and Tabassum is shocked. Gayatri then unveils Dolly. Sir ji looks on shocked, seeing Muskaan and Dolly as the dancers. Dolly asks why are you so surprised seeing me here, you want to know the reason for my coming here, mum would be thinking the same, Sir ji is the reason for my coming, he has turned all my sorrows into happiness, but today he changed my happiness into sorrow. She tells Bua how Sir ji used her against her love and framed Vikram in bribe case. Bua asks what’s happening here. Muskaan says its happening which should have happened before, truth is out, Dolly helped us and decided to come here.

FB shows Ronak and Muskaan explaining Dolly that Vikram isn’t wrong. Dolly cries and says I know dad did all this. They ask what happened. Dolly says dad has framed Vikram. Ronak consoles her. Hanumant comes and says I got a confirmed news about a big Jashan happening in the brothel. Ronak says it means Sir ji is celebrating his success. Dolly says then we should be part of it. FB ends. Dolly says Muskaan and I came here and Ronak got you all here. Muskaan asks them to see all the girls and that man Sir ji, who ruined lives of many girls, his own daughter is standing on the stage today. She asks Sir ji won’t he say anything today.

Muskaan scolds Sir ji. Everyone looks at him. He runs on the stage and asks Dolly to cover her face. He sees the men staring at Dolly. He asks Tabassum to ask the men to go away. He says send the girls to their rooms. He asks Gayatri to go home, he will come there and talk. Gayatri shouts no one will go anywhere, no one would have imagined this. Sir ji says we will go home and talk, Dolly’s life will be ruined. She scolds Sir ji. She says you will reveal your bad deeds today, these women run your brothel, this is your brothel, admit this by your mouth, you have ruined Muskaan’s life. Sir ji says this is not the time to talk all this. He asks Ronak to think of Gayatri’s health.

Ronak says we won’t go home, face Gayatri, you have to answer her. He says we gave you many chances to tell her the truth, you didn’t listen, you didn’t tell her, now you will be confronted, you were proud of this brothel, I m not afraid for my mum. He yells on Sir ji. He says I got Muskaan home to protect her, so that your conscience awakens and you tell truth to mum, but you are like a dog’s tail, who will never change, I would have shot you if you weren’t my mum’s husband. Muskaan says this is the truth, we tried hard to bring out his truth, its all his mistake, which he isn’t accepting, he has earned money by this brothel. Gayatri says everyone taunts you as dancer, tell them who has done this with you. Muskaan says my mum was helpless to dance here, Sir ji forced her to dance.

Sir ji asks everyone where are they going now. He apologizes to Gayatri and says I will change myself, I love you a lot, don’t leave me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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