Muskaan 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak learns his birth truth

Muskaan 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayatri asking Sir ji to swear on her and tell the truth. She shows the birth certificate. He gets shocked. Hanumant and Muskaan come to the police station. They ask the inspector to arrest Sir ji, they have the evidence against him this time. Gayatri compels Sir ji to say the truth. He nods. She gets shocked and stumbles. He stops her and says I will explain you everything. They cry. She leaves and sees Ronak. Ronak asks what did this man do. He scolds Sir ji for making Gayatri cry. Everyone comes there to look on. Muskaan says your black deeds will be exposed today. Gayatri says come with me, I need to talk something imp. Ronak says no, we won’t leave him. Bua asks what’s the matter. Ronak asks Sir ji to tell the truth, all the crimes will come out. Gayatri asks will you come with me.

Gayatri says I have to talk to them, don’t come after us. She takes Ronak and Sir ji to the room. Ronak says Sir ji has locked Sandhya in the dark room for 25 years, Sir ji is relieved but now his sin pot is filled, I will break all the pots today, I will get respect for the women, whose lives you ruined, you played dirty games with them, what did you think you will get saved, no, now you will get punished. He says mum, you don’t know what he did, Sir ji and Tabassum locked Sandhya and acted as devil, I will tell you, Sir ji has killed Sandhya’s baby. Gayatri cries. Ronak says he the left Sandhya behind Lal Darwaza, she has gone mad, he told me and Muskaan a long story, I knew there is some big secret he is hiding, I regret that he accepted the crime. He shows the video to them. Ronak says this is the dirty truth, I regret that my name is linked with his name, I didn’t regard him my father, to say the truth, the man who can kill a baby doesn’t deserve to be called a father, now he will land in jail. Gayatri stops Ronak.

Ronak says this video is the truth, running a brothel, having relations with other women and killing a baby, its all his crimes. Gayatri says I have seen it, you won’t touch him now. Ronak asks Sir ji to stop the drama, he isn’t a right person. Gayatri says don’t trouble me. She says Ronak won’t do anything now, if Ronak regards me a mum and loves me. Ronak says you are my life, I love you a lot, I m doing this to punish him. Gayatri says no, stop it. Ronak says you aren’t understanding me, are you blindfold, what happened to you, we will send him to jail. She says you have to listen to me. He says I won’t listen to you and him, think if this man killed your baby, how would you feel, he has killed Sandhya’s baby. Gayatri says that baby had to die. Ronak gets shocked. Gayatri says that baby had to die to bring him from that hell to heaven, to give that baby to a childless mother. Ronak asks what are you saying. Gayatri says I m talking about you. Ronak gets shocked. She cries and says I m talking about you Ronak, you were that baby. Ronak looks at her shocked.

She says you were born in that brothel, you used to hate brothels, Sir ji got you out of that brothel so that your name doesn’t have the stain of a brothel, he gave you a new life so that you live well like us, this is like us. Sir ji cries. Ronak says no, I know he is lying. Gayatri says no, this is the truth, you aren’t my son, whatever he told Muskaan and you, it was the truth, the lie was Sandhya’s baby was born dead, everything else was true, when Sandhya’s husband left her in mandap, she was scared as she was pregnant, she tried to abort the baby, Sir ji stopped her from doing this sin, Sandhya didn’t see that baby after the baby’s birth, she got mentally unstable.

Ronak recalls Sandhya and cries. Gayatri says Sir ji saved the baby, I got to know this from Tabassum when we took Sandhya to the hospital. FB shows Tabassum telling Gayatri that Ronak isn’t Sir ji and Gayatri’s child, Ronak is Sandhya’s son. Bua says you gave birth to a dead baby that night and I informed Sir ji about this. Gayatri asks why did you hide this from me, why. Bua says Sir ji made me swear and I thought this is right. Gayatri sees the hospital records that she gave birth to a baby girl, who died at the time of delivery. She gets shocked. FB ends. Gayatri says this is the truth, I m not your Devki Maa, but Yashoda Maa, I have raised you but Sandhya has given you the birth. Sir ji asks why did you tell this truth to Ronak. Gayatri asks how long can we hide this. Ronak cries.

Muskaan says we will get free from Sir ji, every woman will get happiness today, whose lives Sir ji died, Ronak ji show the proof to everyone fast. Ronak is quiet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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