Muskaan 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan faces a big threat

Muskaan 20th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jahaan and Muskaan discussing the security of the yatra. He asks her to just see everyone and report to him if she sees anything else. Ronak plays the shank. He begins the yatra with Sir ji. Muskaan gets a call that a bomb is fixed in the jhanki. She gets shocked. Das asks Muskaan to sweep the ground. She says my duty is to manage Sir ji’s security, not to clean the way. Das insists her. Ronak comes and asks him to go for managing security too. He says I will do this work, don’t worry Muskaan.

Sir ji says Ronak, this work doesn’t suit you. Ronak says I m fine. He asks Muskaan why is she so lost. She says nothing. She goes to Jahaan. Gayatri asks Ronak why is he doing this work. Ronak says I m going this by my wish, come. Muskaan says someone made a call and told about the bomb. Jahaan asks what, give me the number, I will try to trace this. Someone changes the crowns. Jahaan asks Muskaan to keep a eye. Muskaan goes to Das and says we have to stay alert, matter is serious, listen to me. Das says you can’t give us orders, you took this duty, now fulfill it, don’t teach us. Ronak finds Muskaan worries. She thinks I can’t tell anything to Ronak, I have to save everyone. She says nothing, I m worried for security reasons.

Ronak goes and hears constables talking about Jahaan favoring Muskaan so much. He makes them fall down and scolds them. He asks them to mind their own business. Muskaan says I checked everyone, no one is suspicious. Jahaan says someone gave us a false news, we can’t take risk, I will call the bomb squad. Muskaan says maybe someone lied to us. They all reach the temple. Pandit says we will place the idols first. Everyone goes in the temple and keeps the idols inside. Muskaan rushes and drops her phone. Ronak says your phone Muskaan… He picks it. He gets a call and gets shocked when the man tells about the blast. Ronak gets worried and runs to Sir ji. Sir ji and Gayatri go to get the crowns. Pandit says its the Shubh mahurat, get the crowns. Ronak says it means the bomb is in the crowns.

Muskaan sees the crowns and thinks these crowns aren’t the ones I checked, it means the bomb is in the crown. Ronak runs to Sir ji. Muskaan also runs to save everyone. Ronak takes all the crowns and throws far. The bombs blast. Everyone falls back. They get shocked. Ronak blames Jahaan and his team for not doing their security well. He says you took the responsibility, what happened. Gayatri thinks Lord has made my life in danger so that Ronak comes back to me, he called me Maa after a long time. Ronak says I m enough for protecting all of them. Jahaan says I understand you are very angry, I warned you that there will be danger in this yatra, we have to find out who planted the bomb. He asks Ronak not to blame the police. Ronak asks him to just leave. Jahaan says someone has kept the bomb, did you all didn’t check the things well. Muskaan says I have double checked everything, even the crowns, the crowns were changed. Das recalls changing the crowns.

Bua says Muskaan wants to put our family in trouble. Lovely says Ronak should take our side and show that we are more imp to them. Ronak hears them. Gayatri asks Ronak to get Muskaan home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think this serial is very much dragging and ronak’s character is a buddu or he is acting like a buddu. At least muskan had a clue in ronak’s real father or Sirj”s raz.

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