Muskaan 1st September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti commits a murder

Muskaan 1st September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti telling Shweta about Muskaan. She says don’t know what’s Muskaan thinking about me, she is innocent, what shall I explain her. Muskaan asks why did mumma run on seeing me, was that uncle my dad. She cries. Rakhi calls her out. Muskaan asks does mum not love me. Suzaine says no, she loves you a lot. Lumi says maybe she was playing hide and seek with you. Jaya says whenever you meet your mum, Tabassum punishing you, so Aarti did this. Muskaan asks was that uncle my dad. Suzaine recalls Sir ji’s words. Jaya says maybe. Suzaine says maybe Aarti wants to surprise you. Rakhi asks her to come fast.

Lumi says I think fate has dragged Aarti in the mess. Suzaine says no, I don’t think Aarti can do this. Aarti says that man was good, so he helped me. Shweta says not all

customers will be good. The man comes and asks Aarti to get ready. Aarti says but I have just come. The man insist. Tabassum asks Muskaan to have food. Muskaan says I will study first. Tabassum says fine, do my work first. Rakhi says she will have to do work. Muskaan asks shall I work tomorrow. Rakhi says its imp what I teach you first. Muskaan asks what shall I do. Tabassum smiles and asks Muskaan to make pearls necklace. She says be careful that you make all necklaces till morning. Suzaine says so that Muskaan doesn’t study ever, why are you doing this and taking revenge. Tabassum says I got her admission in school. Suzaine says you had to get money from that VIP. Tabassum says stay in your limits, ask Muskaan, she said she will do her work, Sapna has already done the work and now its Muskaan’s word.

Suzaine says I know you well. Tabassum says you have to count the pearls in morning, go and rest now. She asks Muskaan to make necklaces well. The man brings Aarti to some client again. He takes money and goes. The client asks what’s your name. She says Aarti. He asks her to make a drink for him. He holds her. She gets away. Muskaan sits making pearl strings. The client misbehaves with Aarti. She breaks a wine bottle and stabs him. The man falls down. She gets shocked and runs out. Muskaan makes the necklace. Aarti runs to home and knocks the door. Ghosh opens the door and gets shocked seeing her. Aarti comes inside. Muskaan smiles seeing her. Tabassum stops Muskaan. She sends Muskaan with Ghosh. The pearls fall. Muskaan cries. Tabassum and everyone get shocked seeing blood stains on Aarti’s clothes. Aarti says its not my mistake, just you can save me, I had to do this to save my life. She cries.

Inspector says Aarti is seen running in CCTV footage, so we have come to arrest her. Aarti gets arrested. Muskaan cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. simplyumbrella87

    Jail will be better for Aarti. In the court she can say everything about Tabassum and others and get them punished and make Muskan free from their clutches.

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