Muskaan 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Roshni meets with an accident

Muskaan 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan seeing Ronak’s sketch. She cries and thinks don’t know when will that day come when we come face to face. She thinks of Roshni’s efforts. Ronak drives the car. He thinks of Muskaan’s death and raising baby alone. He thinks I can’t see Khushi hurt ever. Khushi consoles Nisha and asks about Muskaan. Nisha tickles her and says this is Muskaan, your smile, Ronak was saying about this, he was saying that when you smile, you can’t get tears in eyes. Khushi asks really, you should also smile. She tickles Nisha. She asks her to make pan cake, she is hungry. Rani looks on. Her mum says their relation is much strong. Rani says yes, we have to do something to stop them. They go to kitchen. Rani’s mum asks her to pour the oil on the floor. Rani does it. They hide from Nisha. Khushi comes there. She falls back. Nisha holds her and saves her. She sees the oil fallen. She asks are you fine and hugs Khushi.

She calls servant. She thinks who is doing this, it looks like someone is casting bad eye on their happiness. Roshni asks Muskaan to go home with Pintu, she will sell the papers and come. She asks her not to worry for her, she has much work. Muskaan says you are grandma, who is Sudha. Roshni says she teaches me dance, she is nice. Muskaan asks dance, which dance, where. Roshni says don’t ask me again. Muskaan asks her to clean her face. Roshni goes.

Nisha gets food for Khushi. She sees Ronak’s pic and says I wish I could show my love for Khushi and you… She recalls Ronak telling her about her baby, Khushi. He says Muskaan is not in this world now, even then I love her, she is alive in my heart, you will never get my wife’s place, its impossible for me to forget her. Rani gets tea. She stumbles and drops tea. Ronak puts his hand in front to save Nisha. Nisha pours water on his face. She goes to get cream.

Nisha applies cream to his hand. She thinks if he can do this for a stranger, he would do anything for family, I will be lucky to marry him, he will protect me always. Rani says I will get ice pack for you. Nisha says I m ready to marry you, but I have a condition, you will never tell your daughter that I m not her real mum, she was someone else, give me this right on your daughter. Ronak agrees and says I give you right of Khushi’s mum. FB ends.

Nisha says I have right to be called Khushi’s mum, I will always respect it, I promise I will love her more than my life, I will never break my family. Muskaan asks Pintu from where did he learn making pics. Pintu says my grandpa used to make pics. She asks did he leave work. He says he passed away. She says I m sorry. Roshni picks the posters. Ronak thinks of Khushi and cries. He hits Roshni by mistake. He stops the car and sees her. The people run on hearing her scream. Muskaan says I think someone met with an accident. Pintu says we should go home. Roshni scolds Ronak. Ronak gets down the car. Roshni says you. He asks are you fine. He says I m sorry. Roshni says its fine. The man says we will beat him. Roshni says no need, its my mistake, I was picking papers, help me in picking papers. Ronak says I m sorry. Roshni says go fast, else these people will beat you, you can’t fight all of them alone. Ronak takes Roshni with him. She says leave me. He takes her in his car. Muskaan comes and asks what happened here. The man says a little girl’s accident happened. Muskaan asks did she had papers in hand. The lady says yes. Muskaan gets shocked seeing poster.

Muskaan and Pintu come to Babuji’s house. Sir ji goes to meet them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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