Muskaan 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan questions about Jaya

Muskaan 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan thinking to return to her room. Tabassum asks them who gave water to Jaya. Muskaan goes to the room and says what mistake did Jaya do. Tabassum says Jaya is responsible for this, if anyone supports her, same thing will happen with that person. Aarti gets blessing from a Baba. He gives her a spiritual thread and says your daughter will be happy, your face shows you have a daughter, what’s her name. She says Muskaan, thanks. She gives him water and asks him to pray. He says she will always be happy. Aarti comes back home. She throws the teddy on the terrace.

Lumi refuses for marriage. Aarti says all the dads are mad for daughter’s marriage, he is bearing your anger every day, its madness, every parent wants to see daughter as bride. Lumi says I dance here for family’s

sake, who will marry me. Aarti says but they don’t know this, what’s wrong with marriage. Rakhi taunts Aarti for her marriage. Suzaine says marriage is a cheat. Rakhi says yes, a man makes a woman slave forever on the name of marriage. She goes. Aarti says if your decision is right, life will be beautiful, else you will learn a lesson. Aarti comes to the room. Muskaan hides. She sees Aarti and hugs her. She thinks how to tell her what I did. She asks for her gift. Aarti gets the teddy for her. Muskaan gets happy. Aarti says its your gift for playing well. Muskaan asks about Jaya, is she playing the game also.

Aarti says yes. Muskaan says she got married, why is she staying here. Aarti lies to her. Muskaan thinks why is she tied. Aarti goes out. She sees Muskaan and hides her. She asks her to understand. Muskaan asks what’s this game, just I hide, they don’t hide. Aarti lies to her. She goes to Tabassum and does her makeup. She says our identity remains the same, we have to get friendly with it. She asks Sapna to see Rakhi’s saree. She says this is our future, she will be our identity, I won’t need to run from our past. Aarti says I don’t want any gift from Muskaan, she won’t accept these things, I m accepting this truth. She goes to Muskaan.

Muskaan tells Aarti that she feels uneasy in the doll house. Aarti says its not so bad. Muskaan asks her to come and see. She goes upstairs to the doll house and sees the decorations. She smiles and asks how did this happen. Aarti says its magic. Muskaan says you are world’s best mumma. Aarti asks her to play and passes the teddy. Aarti fills the form. Muskaan plays with the teddy. Muskaan comes to Aarti and sees the school admission form. She asks Aarti about it. Aarti gets tensed.

Muskaan hides seeing some men. She sees the bucket and hides. The drunk man sees the bucket moving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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