Muskaan 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Show takes 14 years leap

Muskaan 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a leap of 14 years. Muskaan thinks everything has changed. Tabassum gives sweets and says Muskaan will dance on stage wearing ghungroos for the first time, pray that people like her and spend money on her. Rakhi asks Ghosh about Sapna, where is she. Ghosh doesn’t hear her well. He says Sapna will get up when she gets fine, she maybe drunk, she will come. Tabassum asks them to clean house. She gets ghungroos for Muskaan. Many girls come there. Tabassum asks where is Muskaan. Suzaine says Muskaan has gone to college.

Tabassum asks why did you allow her to go today. Suzaine says she has dance performance at night, what’s the big deal if she goes to college, I will see what happens. She argues with Tabassum. She insults Tabassum. Tabassum says you start her special day

today, you make her wear ghungroos. Suzaine gets sad. Tabassum says Aarti should have done this rasam, but she isn’t here, you do this, Muskaan will become an educated dancer.

Suzaine calls Muskaan and tells how Tabassum scolded. She asks Muskaan to study well, she will manage mum. She says take care and ends call. Ronak comes to college. Muskaan is on the way to college. The students greet Ronak and think he is professor. He gives them Gyaan. He says no one knows when will they use their knowledge. Everyone smiles hearing him. Ronak tells what professors teach, they don’t teach about love. Muskaan reaches college.

Ronak gets applauded. Ronak says books pages turn yellow, but they don’t get old, unlike humans, who get old, we should have fun till we are young, class is dismissed. Muskaan asks what should those do who come here only to study. He sees her and says you have raised a voice against me, come here. She gets scared. He walks to her and asks her to say what she said before. She gets tearful eyes. She says I come here by much hardwork, my house is too far, I want to study, please let me study. The man says maybe she is a new girl, shall I explain her. Ronak stops the guy. He throws Muskaan’s papers. She gets shocked. He asks her to give papers to churan vendor. He sees her tiffin. He says I will taste the food. He sees the plain food. He says it smells nice. He eats food. Tabassum says I have to take care of guests, Rakhi make the good.

Rakhi agrees. Sapna hides and looks on. Tabassum asks her to help Rakhi in work and make crockery shine. Suzaine asks her to stop threatening. Tabassum asks her not to become Muskaan’s mum. Muskaan picks her notes. Ronak says fathers are stone-hearted, they can’t make anything well. He asks Muskaan if her mum made this nice food. He asks her to learn making such rotis from her mum, it will mean she has learnt everything in life, what’s the use to come college. He gives her tiffin. She gets the tiffin. He asks are you angry, do you wish to slap me, don’t show so much anger, else your love will be seen. He smiles.

Ronak asks what subjects do you want to study. He calls the professors and asks them to teach Muskaan. Tabassum asks Muskaan to come home. Professor doesn’t let her go. She thinks to leave some how.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. simplyumbrella87

    If a professor behaves like that he will be booted out the first day itself. Who is writing this? Very disappointing. Dumb.

    1. He is not a profesor simplyumbrella87. He is a student, he is ragging muskaan.

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