Muskaan 18th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets determined to face Tabassum

Muskaan 18th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tabassum scolding Aarti for changing colors so soon. Muskaan begs Ghosh to let her go and see Aarti once. He says Aarti is gone. Muskaan says no, I have to smile and bid her bye. He stops her. Tabassum hits Aarti on the pillar. Suzaine says leave her, she will die. Tabassum says how dare you go against me, Muskaan will also know me today, think I can do this with you, what can I do with Muskaan.

Muskaan says let me meet Aarti. Ghosh says Aarti isn’t here, Tabassum won’t be happy if you go, she will get angry and not give you dolls, you can’t go. Sapna asks why did Tabassum send us here. Sujoy says maybe something dangerous is happening there. Tabassum kicks Aarti and beats her a lot. She asks everyone not to move. She calls someone to send Aarti. She asks Rakhi to make tea. Ghosh tells Muskaan about Aarti, who was lovely like Muskaan. He says I loved Aarti a lot, she was so sweet and even Tabassum loved her. Muskaan thinks maybe Tabassum is punishing Aarti, so Ghosh is stopping me here. Rakhi gets the tea for everyone and jokes. The man comes to take Aarti. Aarti gets too hurt. Tabassum asks her not to think to do this again. Aarti begs to her. The man drags her. Muskaan coughs and asks for water. Ghosh goes to get water. Muskaan runs out. Tabassum asks Ghosh to get Muskaan.

Muskaan asks where is mumma. Tabassum says your mum ruined the game, you said you will play again and win all the dolls, we will start this again, your mum made you lose. Rakhi says you will never win, your mumma will never come here. Muskaan says I will win all dolls and call my mumma back, you wait and watch. The man asks the women who has helped Aarti. He threatens them about police. Aarti says I have sold my gun to buy the pistol, don’t punish them for my mistake, I m ready to do anything you say. The man asks really, then wear ghungroo and get ready to dance. Shweta feels bad. He asks her to change tears into smile.

Tabassum says you all won’t get food today. She scolds them. Muskaan cries and feels hungry. Aarti gets bandage done. She asks Shweta to keep Muskaan’s pic away so that she doesn’t miss her. Shweta says she is in your heart, you won’t need her pic. Aarti says I will get habitual to live without her. Shweta says I m with you in this fight. Aarti says Tabassum has won, I thought good people win, but I lost. Muskaan sits to study. She asks Aarti not to worry for her, I will fulfill her dreams. She studies and sleeps.

The man gets gifts and asks Tabassum to call Muskaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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