Muskaan 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal tortures Gayatri

Muskaan 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with a fat girl coming in the mall. The staff makes fun of her. Muskaan scolds the staff and apologizes to the girl. She handles the girl well and shows some cool designs. The girl smiles. Manager sees Muskaan’s hardwork and smiles. Gayatri says I don’t want to celebrate this time, just go. Ronak says fine, as you wish. He goes. Kajal asks her to go and take a bath. The girl Jyoti calls her friends as well. Muskaan shows more options to her friends. The girls thank Muskaan and hug. Jyoti says Muskaan you are very good and understanding. Manager brings the staff. He says I m going to declare the results, Muskaan has the most sales record, so Muskaan gets the best intern certificate. Muskaan smiles. Everyone claps.

Muskaan comes home and says its a special day for me, I got best intern award, and my hard earned salary, I got a saree for you for Baisakhi with that money. Ronak smiles. Gayatri accepts the gift. Muskaan thanks her. Kajal takes Gayatri with her. Ronak asks Muskaan if she didn’t get any gift for him. He says I have no value, you should have given me a toffee. Muskaan makes him wear a fitness tracker. He gets surprised. Gayatri hugs the saree and cries. Kajal comes to torture her.

Muskaan jokes on Ronak. He likes her gift. He says you really got gift for mum and me, thanks. She goes. He thinks I m glad that mum has accepted your gift, mum will be happy with Muskaan. Kajal says you have seen Muskaan’s goodness, now see my evil, just get up and get the family’s photo albums. Ronak says mum refused to celebrate Baisakhi, you have to do such arrangements that mum celebrates with you. Muskaan says I can’t do this until mum gives me permission. He says I m sure that she will celebrate with you, I think mum will accept you.

Kajal checks Ronak’s pics. She asks Gayatri to cut the saree and then paste the pics. Gayatri asks how can I do this, I can’t insult the gift. She cries. Kajal says fine, I will cut the saree, you cut the photos. Someone looks on. Ronak says Gayatri is like cool wind, she gives peace to everyone, you have to keep trying. Muskaan says I don’t want to upset mum. Kajal scolds Gayatri. Ronak and Muskaan come there. Gayatri worries and asks Kajal not to show the saree. Muskaan asks Gayatri to permit her for keeping puja at home for Baisakhi. Gayatri says no need to keep puja. She refuses to them.

Gayatri says Muskaan is living as my bahu here, she is a brothel girl, a dancer. Muskaan and Ronak get shocked. Pandit says sorry, I can’t do this puja. The girls leave. Kajal smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t understand.. shantanu shot kajal in the back and she acts as if she never was hurt.. did the writers forgot about that…? And how come nobodys is worrying about his disappearance… ?? I love this show but this bother me

  2. When Kajal’s true colour will be prevailed i can’t wait anymore,i feel pity for Gayatri she can’t even tell hr son that kajal is perfect fine and she’s treating her very badly?

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