Muskaan 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram and Dolly get friendly

Muskaan 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram inaugurating the school. The kids get seated. Vikram tells them a story of his life. He tells them that everyone should pay tax as a good citizen. Hanumant comes to Ronak and tells something. Ronak says I have planned a special entertainment for kids, its a competition for kids and adults. Ronak takes them out and asks them to eat mangoes. Everyone eats mangoes. Muskaan asks what are you saying.

Ronak says you can’t eat more, you can’t digest it, just don’t do anything. Vikram asks Dolly to eat mango by sucking it, not by cutting it by a knife. She says I don’t know it. He says then you missed a lot in life. They introduce themselves. He teaches her to eat mango pulp. He helps her and looks at her. Ronak gets a laugh while eating mangoes. Muskaan says the kids

are the winners. Vikram says I m too glad, do let me know if you have any work, thanks for the mangoes. Ronak smiles. They come home. Dolly says thanks Muskaan for making me part of the NGO. Muskaan teases Dolly about Vikram. Dolly smiles and goes. Ronak says I don’t know how is Vikram, I spoke to him and realized he is good, I asked him to raid at Sir ji’s office and get proof, I told him that I want proof in front of Gayatri, Sir ji will be exposed, he fooled Gayatri for many years.

Muskaan says you have done good, he looked honest. Ronak says Vikram will get some proof against Sir ji, I wish that this happens in front of mum. She asks will Vikram raid the brothel too. He says yes, if Sir ji gets to know our plan, he will change the plan, I want mum to witness it. Muskaan tells her plan to him. He agrees. Bua asks the man to iron clothes well. Pandit comes home. He says temple idol is broken, I need the soil to make it again, you know from where to get the soil. Gayatri says I know, I will get the soil. Pandit calls Ronak and says I will get the soil. Ronak says your idea was good, I hope Sir ji is exposed. Muskaan says I hope so, this time Sir ji shouldn’t change the game. He says don’t worry. They see Dolly with Vikram. Vikram likes Dolly. Dolly asks Vikram whom is he raiding today, who is the thief. He says sorry, I can’t tell this to you. He thinks how to tell you that I m going to raid your dad’s place on your brother’s saying. He holds her hand. He says I know we met yesterday buy we got friendly, I hope that my work doesn’t ruin our friendship. She says don’t worry, focus on your work, I will wait for you, I also want to keep this friendship. She holds his hand. He smiles.

Muskaan thinks Sir ji’s truth will come out, mum can break down, did we do any mistake by sending her to brothel. The lady gets clothes and asks kids to wash. Muskaan says I will wash it, kids may get tired and not study in the class at night. Ronak makes a call. Vikram and his team raid Sir ji’s office. He meets Sir ji. Sir ji gets shocked knowing Vikram is IT officer. Vikram says we have come to raid your office, please cooperate. Ronak smiles and recalls asking Vikram to raid Sir ji’s office and catch him. He gives the tip to Vikram about Tirat Raj Singh. Vikram says I heard his name, I want evidence against him, how do you know him. Ronak says he is my father. Vikram is shocked and asks are you Tirat’s son. Ronak says yes, I m giving you 100% correct info. FB ends. Vikram continues the raid.

Muskaan comes to Tabassum. She asks Bua, Sir ji and Ronak to get everyone to brothel. Sir ji is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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