Muskaan 15th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ronak dances in the brothel

Muskaan 15th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak saying I have called Hanumant here, so I will get punished, I will wear the ghungroo and dance, Muskaan won’t dance. Everyone gets shocked. Ronak picks the ghungroos and says I will bear the punishment that comes in Muskaan’s share. Muskaan says no, you won’t do this. He says its enough, I will do this, you convinced me, but these people are so ill mannered, I controlled my anger, but its enough now, Sir ji wants to see dance, fine then, I will show the dance. Tara says Ronak will do Mujra today. Sir ji asks Gayatri what’s happening, will his son do dance here, he is his blood, his son. Ronak says our blood is same, but we have no relation.

Sir ji says this never happened in my family. Ronak says no one would force bahu to dance, this will also happen for the first

time, a man will dance in a brothel for the first time, it will be fun, Muskaan won’t wear ghungroos, she has throw ghungroos before, its enough now, I will dance and everyone will see. Muskaan says no. Gayatri asks them to stop it. Ronak says Sir ji should punish me. Sir ji says then start creating history. He goes.

Sir ji asks Tabassum not to let any outsider come in. He asks guards to go and inform him if anyone comes. He asks the girls to throw money at Ronak and do this acting like clients. He gives them money and says you do this till he dances, insult hi. Gayatri comes and hears him. She says its limit. Sir ji says he wants to punish himself, fine, let him dance. Ronak gets ready and asks Muskaan to always wear the bluetooth. FB shows Muskaan asking Ronak why did he do this. He says so that red door secret comes out. She says you won’t go there. He says you will go, there is no ghost there, trust me. She nods.

He says Sir ji will know that we will try to find the secret again, but this time you will go there, when I dance, I will keep them busy, you reach the red door, there is no ghost there, trust me. He shows a bluetooth and says we will keep this and dance, you tell me when you reach there, I will come there mum shouldn’t know this, this dance will be a tandav, truth will come out and become a strong evidence, that we punish Sir ji severely then we will be free forever. FB ends. Ronak says its last chance, we have to do this. Muskaan connects to Ronak via bluetooth. They wish each other all the best. He goes. Tara says something is happening here for the first time. Ronak wears ghungroos and dances on Pag ghungroo…. Ronak signs Muskaan to go. Muskaan goes upstairs and tries to enter the secret room.

She hides from the guards. She gets scared and enters the dark room. She looks around and gets scared. She turns and gets shocked seeing… Someone hits on her head. She shouts Ronak ji…. Ronak hears her and says Muskaan….. She falls down. He shouts Muskaan… Sir ji and everyone look on.

Ronak runs to the dark room with Sir ji, Gayatri and Tabassum. He finds Muskaan injured. He sees a big box and goes to open it. He gets shocked seeing some woman. Sir ji worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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