Muskaan 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan gets a new identity

Muskaan 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the men saying we have to get a job for this girl, else Babuji will scold us, and maybe its benefit for us also. The man says she is a pretty girl, I mean she is decent, we will help her. Roshni asks them to make documents for Muskaan. The man says fine, what’s her name. Roshni says just make her new documents, that will be her name. The men take Muskaan and make new documents for her. The man says your documents are ready by Mira Bose name. Muskaan looks on. The man says I have arranged an interview for teachers post at a school today. Roshni thanks them. She takes Muskaan. Muskaan says I won’t go for this interview. Roshni asks why are you ruining my hardwork. Muskaan says it would be less if I thank you, but I can’t give interview with fake name, it will be wrong. Roshni asks didn’t you do wrong to cross border and come, listen to me.

Ronak makes Khushi distribute gifts to kids. The teacher says Khushi is lucky to get loving parents. Nisha says Ronak is very caring by nature. Muskaan asks Roshni not to get angry, she can’t go a job with fake documents. Roshni asks what will you do. Muskaan says I won’t go this way. Roshni says you are giving me knowledge for you, go there and teach kids, you will get money. Muskaan says but documents are fake. Roshni asks what shall I do, why do you have problem with everything. Muskaan says lying is bad, you know it right, I can’t go for interview. Roshni hears inspector. She sees inspector arrested refugees. Muskaan hides. Roshni asks Muskaan to say if she wants the arrest or job. Muskaan says job, but not in wrong way. Roshni calls out the inspector. She asks Muskaan to say fast, will she go for job or not, promise now. Muskaan thinks what shall I do, I have to stay here to find Ronak, I have to accept this identity. She promises Roshni. Roshni compliments the inspector. He thanks her. He compliments her style also. Roshni asks Muskaan to come for interview.

The kids wish Khushi and smear cake on her face. Ronak says I will clean your face. The kids make fun of her. Khushi stops Ronak. She says my friends are laughing on me. Ronak says you will always be little princess for me. She wipes her face. She says I m big girl now, I can do my work myself. Nisha says we have to go and distribute food boxes, will you come with us. Khushi says I will stay here with my friends. Ronak thanks principal for giving him permission. Principal says thanks, its our pleasure. Ronak says we will come in some time to pick Khushi. Roshni brings Muskaan to the same school. She asks Muskaan not to think much. She says just respect the job and come, give interview well. Ronak and Nisha are leaving. Ronak says everyone was happy, even Khushi. Khushi calls out Ronak and Nisha. They turn to Khushi. Roshni and Muskaan pass by. Khushi says I came to give your fav chocolate. He sees the chocolate and recalls Muskaan. He says I was thinking I had this chocolate long time back. He takes it. He says you are the best. Khushi says no, you and mumma are the best. She goes.

Ronak says Khushi takes care of everyone. Nisha says Khushi will take care, she is your daughter. Muskaan gives interview. She says I m a graduate, I did masters in fine arts. Principal asks about her family. Roshni waits outside. She says all kids look tip top here. She hears kids talking in English. Khushi sees the time. She says dad and mumma will be coming now. She goes out. Roshni plants a small flower plant. Her hands get dirty. She collides with Khushi. They both fall down. Khushi says I m sorry. Roshni scolds her. Khushi says but it was your mistake. Roshni says look at your courage, you made me fall and calling me wrong. She pushes Khushi. Khushi says you stay away, dirty girl. Roshni asks what did you say, I will show you. She applies more soil to her hands. She spoils Khushi’s dress. Khushi says leave me. Roshni says this is called dirty.

Khushi says you spoiled my dress, get out. Roshni says we will fight now. Muskaan comes and sees them fighting. Ronak and Nisha come there. Muskaan stops Roshni. Khushi cries. Ronak gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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