Muskaan 14th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti and Muskaan miss each other

Muskaan 14th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jaya scolding Rakhi. Rakhi asks Sapna to go. Jaya asks why didn’t you tell Sapna that Muskaan is sold today and she will be sold also. Rakhi says I didn’t do this, its Muskaan’s fate. Sujoy gets shocked. Rakhi says we all are unlucky. Jaya says then tell Sapna that she is also unlucky. Rakhi scolds her. Jaya says you had time to show motherly love, you have no humanity, I m glad to see a mother alive in you, I wish you understand Aarti’s pain. Rakhi asks her to shut up. Jaya goes. Muskaan shows chocolates and tells Aarti that she will share it with everyone. Sujoy comes to her and throws the chocolates.

She asks why did you throw this chocolate. He says its bad, that uncle is bad. Jaya stops him and says Sujoy felt bad as that uncle didn’t give him chocolates. Muskaan says you should have asked chocolates from me, see I have saved some chocolates for you. She asks him to treat uncle well and get chocolates. She asks him to have fresh chocolates. He gets angry and goes.

Tabassum asks Muskaan to come to her. She asks her to get flowers for her. Muskaan goes. Tabassum thinks to trouble her. Sujoy looks on. Jaya says you understand everything, but Muskaan doesn’t, you don’t tell her anything.

Aarti misses Muskaan. Shweta says you can’t take big risk all the time. Aarti says I can just worry. Shweta says no, you can pray to Devi Maa. Aarti cries. Rakhi gives money to a boy and asks him to do her work. The boy asks what. Rakhi asks him to trouble Muskaan. She sees Muskaan and thinks to teach her a lesson.

Aarti is at a temple and sees the beggar girl. She gives her food. The girl goes to Muskaan and shares the samosa. Muskaan sits to eat food. She sees a beggar and goes to give food. Samosa falls down. Muskaan feeds the beggar by her hands. Aarti feeds the girl. Aarti and Muskaan imagine each other. Shweta comes and thinks Aarti has pity for everyone, she loves her daughter a lot. The girl asks why are you crying. Beggar asks why are you crying. Shweta asks the girl to have food and go. Muskaan goes. Aarti cries and says I can’t live without Muskaan, do something.

Shweta asks her to come along. She gets her to some goons place. He gives her ring and buys a gun from the goon. Aarti gets shocked. Muskaan sees a school and recalls her school days. Shweta asks Aarti to take the gun, if they can ruin Muskaan’s life, why are you thinking so much, you have to shoot them. Aarti takes the gun in and falls weak. Shweta asks her to aim the target, step ahead. Muskaan sees some kids studying in the class. She sits near the window. The man asks did Aarti kill any ant till now, she can’t shoot. Shweta says her life is in her daughter, she can fight for her. She shouts Aarti to shoot. Aarti shouts and shoots.

Shweta says none can identify you, change voice and talk. Aarti takes disguise. Tabassum stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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