Muskaan 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum punishes Aarti

Muskaan 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti telling the inspector about Muskaan. Muskaan says mum made me lose this game. Aarti says she is my daughter, leave her, I m saying the truth. Inspector asks for proof. Aarti gets the documents. Inspector says fine, you can take her. Tabassum takes Muskaan with her. Aarti asks her to listen. Rakhi and Chadda check Aarti’s room. Chadda sees the doll house inside and gets shocked. He throws the toys downstairs. Tabassum says you fooled me, since when is this going on. Muskaan says you didn’t know about me, I fooled you, mum told truth to police and ruined my hardwork. Aarti asks her to go and have icecream, she has to talk something imp. Muskaan goes. Tabassum says you played a game with me, not with Muskaan. Chadda says let Aarti come, I will show her. Aarti says I found a

school for Muskaan, I will drop her to hostel tomorrow, its matter of one day. Tabassum says you broke my trust.

Aarti says Muskaan is dear to us, its not her mistake. Suzaine says Aarti is great, maybe she got an orphan home. Rakhi says Aarti gave birth to a girl, we were told that she was born dead. Muskaan says maybe mum and Nani are counting scores, I will have more icecreams. Aarti says you can save my daughter. Tabassum says I supported you before, but none can deny destiny, Muskaan came back to us.

Aarti cries and says Muskaan is a little girl, she is innocent, she thinks everyone is like her, she wants to befriend everyone, I made her sleep in small doll house, I have hidden her under the bed, I beg you, don’t do this, spare her. Chadda comes and takes Muskaan. Aarti runs after them. They all come home. Aarti hugs Muskaan. Suzaine takes Muskaan with her. Sapna and Sujoy hide and look on. Rakhi asks Aarti what type of mum are you, to cheat Muskaan. She asks Tabassum why did she hide this from them, why can’t Aarti’s daughter do the same work. Suzaine says Chadda is villain, games have such villain, he wanted to catch you, you would have lost the game, so Aarti ran after him to stop him. Muskaan says Aarti is brave, she can do anything, she told my name to inspector and told truth, we will lose this game now. Suzaine hugs her. Rakhi asks is my daughter not a daughter. She gets Sapna and says rules are same for Sapna and Muskaan, as Tabassum tells this, we shall know if Tabassum treats us equal.

Aarti says I don’t believe these rules, I will not let Muskaan’s life get stained, its my promise to you all. Rakhi sends Sapna. Tabassum gets ghungroos and reminds her promise. She throws ghungroos at Aarti and asks her to make Muskaan wear it. Aarti cries and says Muskaan will not wear ghungroo, she will get educated and make her different world. Tabassum says you know I can never go against my word. Suzaine says police is not judge of the game. Muskaan says its confusing game, who will decide the result. Suzaine says you will know everything when right time comes, when you win this game. Tabassum scolds Aarti for forgetting the rules. Chadda says Muskaan will dance in this kotha. Aarti shouts Chadda and throws the ghungroos. He says how dare you, I have to tell this to Sir ji, I m going, sort this soon. He leaves.

Aarti gets shocked seeing Muskaan dancing wearing ghungroos. Tabassum says this will be her education from today. Aarti says no….

Update Credit to: Amena

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