Muskaan 13th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Muskaan forgives Ronak

Muskaan 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sujoy breaking the door and going out. Sir ji asks everyone to come and see Ronak, he is inside the washroom. Hanumant worries. Ronak takes Muskaan somewhere and stops the car. He gets her out of the car. He says shut up and listen to me, I will talk now, you may hate me, but I will tell you the truth. She asks him what’s the truth. He says its true that I had kept Aarti with me, I found Aarti at Jaya’s house, I was shocked, she was mentally unstable, she had a memory loss, she was calling Shalu as Muskaan, would you meet her in that state, you would have got sad, I took her to hospital to get her treated, I thought to give you surprise so that you get happy, you used to give me a tiffin box, I used to take it for your mum, we have done shopping for Aarti, I told you about

my friend’s mum, it was your mum, I took you to hospital, I told you I will give you surprise, I wanted you to meet Aarti, Sir ji played the game and kidnapped Aarti. He tells her Sir ji’s plan. He says I wanted to tell you, its not my mistake, I wanted your mum to meet you.

Sir ji says Ronak isn’t opening the door, I think he had got much drunk. Kajal says I permitted Ronak to enjoy as much as he wants. Sir ji says your marriage will happen tomorrow, you can control him tomorrow. The ladies go back. Sir ji says this last night can make things worse for me, I will make Ronak marry tomorrow. Ronak says I wanted to tell you the truth so that you start your new life well, if we met again, we don’t have hatred in hearts, that’s it.

Muskaan looks at him. Ronak holds her hand and says I had kept Aarti with a good intention, I didn’t wish to cheat you. Muskaan gets her hand away. She doesn’t believe him and doubts on his intentions. She says I trusted you a lot and always supported you, you had hidden everything as you didn’t trust me. She scolds him and Sir ji. She says it was your plan against me. He asks what are you saying, you are comparing me with Sir ji, you have wasted my efforts. Sujoy comes there with police. He gets angry on Ronak and arrests him. Ronak says my intention was good, I can’t ever think to keep you away from your mum. He is taken away by police. DCP informs Sir ji about Ronak’s arrest on the charges of kidnapping Muskaan. Sir ji says fine, I will just come.

Sujoy and Muskaan complain about Ronak to DCP. Sujoy asks Muskaan to tell Ronak’s actions to DCP. Muskaan says Ronak had kidnapped me by pointing gun at my mum. Sujoy asks DCP did he hear this. Muskaan says sorry, I couldn’t say this before, even last time Ronak has troubled my family, Sujoy is saying right, its Ronak’s mistake, Sujoy was just doing his duty, I request you not to suspend Sujoy, punish Ronak. Ronak sees her. DCP asks Ronak if he has to say something in defense. Ronak signs no. He goes to the cell. DCP asks Sujoy to join his duty. Sujoy says thanks, I won’t go home until Ronak goes to his home. He asks constable to drop Muskaan home. Sir ji comes there and sees Muskaan. Muskaan says I have a last request, keep your son much far from me. She goes. Sir ji says Ronak will stay here in police custody today. He says lawyer will get bail papers, drop Ronak home with respect, stay alert, if anyone tries to hurt him, I won’t spare anyone. He thinks this is only way to stop Ronak from meeting Muskaan.

Muskaan comes back and says Sujoy, I want to talk to Ronak once. Sujoy takes her to Ronak. Muskaan says I have understood what you have told me, I have agreed to you. Sujoy looks on. Ronak says I knew it, you will understand. Muskaan says Aarti had explained me. She recalls Aarti explaining her not to hurt Ronak, and not keep hatred for Ronak. She says your intention was good for my mum, I don’t want you to keep any burden in heart, I forgive you and end all the hatred and anger for you. They cry.

Goons kidnap Muskaan and Aarti. They get shocked seeing someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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